AppleVis Unleashed February 2018: The Villain

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Submitted by Ekaj on Thursday, March 8, 2018

I just finished listening to "AppleVis Unleashed" for February. Very nice. I tried asking Alexa to be a villain, and it only worked once but I love it. I have the free app called Reverb for Mac, and it works very well. I'd also like to recommend another service for accessing Twitter. Some of you may have heard of this one. It's called Easy Chirp, and it is web-based so nothing has to be downloaded. It is also free, which of course is a plus. When I first heard about it from a former colleague, it was called Accessible Twitter but the developer had to come up with a different name due to copyright. But this service works on Windows, Mac, and probably other platforms as well. I've used it for several years on both Macintosh and Windows, and highly recommend it for its ease of use and feature set. Your mileage may of course vary, but I've had no accessibility problems with it. Easy Chirp is at , and I think it goes without saying but a Twitter account is required. You can sign in right from the website though.