AppleVis Unleashed August 2020: The Helium Effect

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Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Sunday, August 30, 2020

The reason Apple is in trouble is because they keep saying that rule apply to all. Yet they gave Amazon prime discount. Congress asked this to Tim Cook and he could not give a respond. They did not even talk about the main issue apple is in trouble. Do you research next time.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Sunday, August 30, 2020

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Hi Holger,

Firstly, thank you for listening to the Unleashed podcast. Also, keep in mind that everyone on the show do this on a volunteer basis.

We very much appreciate your feedback and of your thoughts. It appears that the subject on the 30% cut by Apple must be a passionate topic for you based on the tone of your response of telling us to do a better job of research.

As you are correct that Apple is in trouble by the Congress based on a contract deal that signed with Amazon Prime Video that allowed them to have a 15% deal than the standard 30%.

I don't believe that we ever said that we didn't understand the anti-competitive that Apple is involved with. A discussion of our thoughts on the Epic standoff with Apple. Sure, there are many others that have also in recent news have chimed in, but we focused on the Epic in particular. In the end I also believe that we all agreed that we didn't think the 30% was fair.

Lastly, we are after all just humans and we don't do this professionally nor do we have the staff that can make sure in what we say is always correct or if we made any type of mistakes. Pointing something out is always welcome and we will always try to do better and we very much appreciate you pointing us to the anti-competitive deal with Amazon Prime Video deal which wasn't really the focus of the subject we were talking about but what you have pointed out would have been a great inclusion of an example what Epic was seeking for.