AppleVis Extra 54: The Verdict On HomePod

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In February 2018, Apple launched the HomePod, it's long awaited entry into the smart home speaker market. Just over a month later, Dave Nason is joined by Allison Hartley and Serina Gilbert to discuss their experiences with the device. Now that the dust has settled and the initial excitement of receiving a new device has calmed, how has HomePod settled into their day to day lives, and would they recommend it?



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, March 29, 2018

OK podcast. Yes the speeker maybe the best ever made but without any AI to help is not worth the money. Echo2 sound is great and will get much better because amazon will look at the HomePod and see what they can copy. Alexa is getter betterand better. I do love my iPhone and Siri is not working well. I would even say that we should not call Siri AI because she does not like one. Alexa and Google are much better.