AppleVis Extra #42: Fitness Edition

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Spring has finally arrived here in the United States, and the AppleVis podcast team sat down to discuss the best ways to get fit and stay that way using a variety of hardware and software solutions. In this episode of the AppleVis Extra, Jamie Pauls is joined by Lisa Salinger, Mike Malarsie, and Alex Hall. The panel takes a look at every aspect of the day, from waking up to winding down. For your convenience, this podcast is divided into chapters so that you can navigate to or go back and revisit areas of particular interest. If you’re not sure how to take advantage of chapter navigation, check out this Quick Tip on how to navigate podcasts by chapter Using Downcast and Overcast for iOS.

Products, apps, and websites discussed in this podcast include:

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Submitted by anouk85 on Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hi everyone, I really enjoyed this podcast. I want to get into fitness more. Thinking of buying the second gen applewatch when it comes out. I alreadyw alk outside a lot and use a rowing machine but things can always be better. I would like to know more about really accesible fitness apps. I did try fitstar once and some other video fitness apps but i find them really difficult if you are totally blind even though the interface itself is accessible. I am going to try the carrot app later but would like to know if there are others, to excersise without a machine or personal gym. Thanks again. Greetings, Anouk,