There's something fishy going on with Mobile Aquarium

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In this podcast, Abby introduces us to Mobile Aquarium for iOS, that's an addictive aquarium simulation that will keep you hooked for a long time! Let your fish prosper or die---it's all up to you.

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This was a great podcast.

quick question

how often should I look after my fish? I mean is it enough to do it once per hour? And do I still have to look after them at night?

looking after fish

Sabrina, you should only have to look after your fish a few times a day. Not once an hour. Like I say in my podcast, there are no push notifications. However, the app does give you messages in the event log. Go in there every so often to check for new messages.

Enjoying my fish

Thanks so much for this podcast! I immediately downloaded it and now have four fishies. :) Love the sound effects, and the fact I can pick the fish's colors and change the aquarium background makes it possible for me to get a good enough contrast I can actually see my fish.

Oh no... rofl...

I just heard that one of my fish ate two of the others and then after a while she died because I neglected it. :-) i am completely hooked and like the fact that the fish have ages.

An Idea

What if you could choose the fish' gender and if you had a male and female of the same type and you had enough room they could have babies? That happens in real life fishtanks so why not this one?