Quick Tip: Using QuickTime On The Mac To Record The Output Of An iOS Device

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In this podcast, David Woodbridge demonstrates how to record the screen and audio output of your iOS device by connecting it to your Mac and using QuickTime.

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very interesting for giving feedbacks to developers!

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I love this feature of recording screenshots, as it is a good way to make developers understand what accessibility problems are, when giving them complete video and audio feedback.
For people who are testing also iOS by its developer program, screencasts can be used also to reproduce bugs! I thank David a lot for this tip! What they say, community's efforts reduce community's efforts!
The only thing I would like to ask:
if I wish to record both audio/video of iPhone and my voice, because I am explaining a lesson: what to do? I notice I record all audio and video of iPhone but not my voice
thanks for now!

I can do this, but when I do

I can do this, but when I do it only records voiceovers output. If I want to demonstrate a game or something, it doesn't record the game audio, or any other audio besides voiceover speech. How do I make it record the audio of something other than, or in addition to VoiceOver?

That's my question, too,

That's my question, too, actually, JDawg! :) Once I get my Mac, I want to be able to record audio demos of games and so on.

Exactly. I niticed that only

Exactly. I niticed that only voice over otput is recorded not the mic. There has to be a way. I have tried awareness, how ever, that does not work and the audio comes out sounding horable. Maybe bos jock, but I dunno if that woudl help as the mic will get shut down as it is not a multy channel sound care.