A Pyramid Puzzle To Perplex You - A Demonstration of Blindfold Pyramid Tiles for iOS

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In this podcast, Sabrina Fagerheim takes us through one of her favourite games, a challenging tile matching puzzle game from Kid Friendly Software called Blindfold Pyramid Tiles. Download the game from the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blindfold-pyramid-tiles/id1235887256?mt=...

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Wonderful podcast. Will get that game soon.

Self correction

I have to correct myself because to get to the first tile in a level without a keyboard you swipe left with two fingers.

Can you

Can you do colour crush? I still have trouble with that game sometimes.

I will do this

I will do this in the next few weeks and I expect to have a podcast within three weeks.


Cool. I hope I will understand the game much better by then.

A handy feature

Nice job on the podcast. In the podcast, you said that you liked seeing the list of other games that are available so you would know if any new games are released. Actually, even if you turn off this feature in the Settings screen, when a new game is released, you will find about it anyway because when you open the app for the first time after that new game was released, you will be told. Also, you can choose to receive a notification when a new game is released.