How to Convert PDF to Text on Mac OS X Using Automator

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In this podcast, Jonathan Simeone shares a tip for Mac users on how to convert PDF to text using Automator.

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#1 Automator Podcast?

Hi John,

Could you do a podcast on using Automator? I've been curious as to how it works but the layout is confusing. If this site already has a podcast over Automator, can someone point me to it?

#2 PDF Webpages

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your interesting podcast, much food for thought.
I have no experience with Automater, but wonder whether it would be possible to create a Workflow that saves the contents of online PDF pages?
I often encounter many webpages which are in PDF format. Maybe I'm a dumbass or maybe it is a problem with OSX but I simply can't access them.
When encountered, these Tabs open, but I cannot find any way to interact with them. So, where possible, I save the file and try reading it with Preview.
If there was a way that I could simply run a Workflow and save the page as a Text file, well that would be about the next best thing to actually being able to read the page online.

Many thanks for your assistance.

#3 Excellent Podcast

This is an excellent walkthrough. Long story short, I received a W-9 form a couple weeks ago which had to be filled out for work. The dang thing was an inaccessible pdf file, but at the time I hadn't listened to this yet. I just did so though before Xmas, and then saved it to one of my thumbdrives so that I could follow along on my Mac. But now my problem is finding a downloadable .pdf that I can use with this. For some odd reason the W-9 form had a lot of issues. I guess pdf's are slowly but surely going to the dogs these days? Finally perhaps?