Exploring Water Lock on the Series 2 Apple Watch

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Lisa Salinger walks you through enabling and disabling this feature on the Series 2 Apple Watch.

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#1 I don't have an apple Watch, but i have a question

Hi Lisa. we knew each other years ago. anyway, When you were in the middle of your Quick tip, nice job, you said something like, "functionality depends on what hand you're wearing your watch on." I understand about turning the digital crown, what I don't understand is is what you meant by that statement. Is it that, if you flick one way, limitted functionality is available, or what? Sorry this is a bit confusing, i'm just, well, confused. :) have a good one.

#2 Nice podcast

A very nice podcast, I just want to know since you are using the series to Apple Watch, does it as a lag with voiceover? just like the old Apple Watch had? And does the speaker volume is little bit louder From the old Apple Watch?
Hope to hear from you soon

#3 Thanks very mutch Lisa

Thanks very mutch Lisa

#4 Comparing old and new Apple Watch

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Hi there,
Would love to know if there is a significant change in the VoiceOver speed with the more recent watches (Serie 1 or Serie 2): Does anyone has some inputs regarding this?
Many thanks,

#5 I think the new one is significantly faster

Hello all,
I upgraded to the new watch and, at least in my limited testing, I feel that Voiceover is significantly more responsive on the new watch. Text entry in pass codes lags much less, as does speech after flicking. In all, the watch is much less of a pain to use now. If you like, I can try and submit a podcast or Audioboom comparing the old and new watch if you feel that this would be helpful, although I'm not sure how I would convey the lack of responsiveness in a manner that would be helpful. If this is something that you would be interested and you have tips, please comment and let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

#6 new vs old watch comparison

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Hi Megan,

Thanks a lot for your inputs, and it would be wonderful if you would be able to make a little podcast comparing the old and new model.
Anyway, that's excellent news to read.

#7 yess please

yess please, I want to heare the comperation

#8 some points here

I actually tried the water lock thing and found I had to turn the crown a lot to the right until I heard this very loud beap. I hope I did it right. I'm out of the mode now so I must have.

Another thing, unlike the podcaster, I get no touch interaction on my watch. It will just lock with out voiceover speaking anything. Can someone verify this?

Here is a demo of me quickly using water lock.] Take care.

#9 Series Zero

I had an unusual experience with WaterLock on my series Zero Apple Watch.
I had enabled a Workout at the Gym, and at the end of the session I found that the touch screen was inoperative and I was getting a message stating something about WaterLock and turn the crown to disable.

I have no idea how it became enabled, but turning the crown worked and normal function resumed.

Any ideas as to how this feature on an original Apple Watch was activated would be welcome...