A Pyramid Puzzle To Perplex You - A Demonstration of Blindfold Pyramid Tiles for iOS

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In this podcast, Sabrina Fagerheim takes us through one of her favourite games, a challenging tile matching puzzle game from Kid Friendly Software called Blindfold Pyramid Tiles. Download the game from the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blindfold-pyramid-tiles/id1235887256?mt=...

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Wonderful podcast. Will get that game soon.

Self correction

I have to correct myself because to get to the first tile in a level without a keyboard you swipe left with two fingers.

Can you

Can you do colour crush? I still have trouble with that game sometimes.

I will do this

I will do this in the next few weeks and I expect to have a podcast within three weeks.


Cool. I hope I will understand the game much better by then.