Live the Life of a New Parent With My Baby Sim for iOS

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In this podcast, Lulu Hartgen gives us a demonstration of My Baby Sim.

My Baby Sim is a baby simulation game, wherein the user assumes the role of parent and cares for a virtual baby. In this combination podcast/audio diary, Hartgen documents her experiences using My Baby Sim over the course of a day--doing everything from feeding her baby to comforting it when it cries.

The developers of My Baby Sim recently posted to the AppleVis Forum, introducing the app to the AppleVis community and seeking feedback on its accessibility. My Baby Sim is available for free from the App Store, but some features do require in-app purchases.

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#1 Hi

Hi! I am downloaded my baby sim. It' hapend that my baby cry and everything i am dooing doesn't relax her. I tryed gave her bottle and Shake the device older to make relax her and tha't does't help. What can i to do? Thanks!

#2 repeat your actions

Sometimes you need to do things over and over again. Always check the diaper. Feed your baby until her food reaches 99 percent. Don't forget to burp her if the app will allow, and sometimes it does not.

Good luck.

#3 what voice was used

Hi, while listening to the podcast, I noticed that you were using a different voice. What voice were you using? I'd like to try it on my phone, and what rate did you have that voice set at?

#4 Enjoy MyBabySim Holiday sound theme and other great features!

App Developer

The latest update of MyBabySim app is already on App Store.
Download it to fall into Christmas atmosphere. With our holiday pack you can find the new Christmas costume in the clothes list, a rattle with new jingle and also the snow crunch, when taking your baby for a walk. Another great thing in this package is Christmas lullaby - click on "Sing a lullaby" and choose "Christmas lullaby".
Please note that new features in Holiday pack will be available ONLY FOR NEW GAMES (not for old games and saves).
P.S. We fixed minor Voice Over bugs and hope you will be able to fully enjoy the game.

#5 ALL Weekend SALE

App Developer

Don`t miss our 4 days MyBabySim SALE!

• 100 credits only for $ 2.99 (full price - $ 6.99)

• Christmas package (with new sounds and cute baby costumes inside) ONLY FOR $ 0.99 (full price - $ 1.99)