Ear Monsters: Kill As Many Monsters As You Can, As Fast As You Can In This Audio Game For iOS

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In this podcast, Khalfan Bin Dhaher gives us a walk-through and short demonstration of Ear Monsters, a 3D audio game for iOS.
Monsters from a parallel dimension have created wormholes to invade our universe. They quickly become invisible in our world - but they don't realize we can still hear them!
Your Mission: Kill as many monsters as you can, as fast as you can, as you hear them arrive in our dimension....
Ear Monsters is a fast paced 3D audio action game that requires a keen ear and quick reflexes. With its rapid action and unique gameplay, Ear Monsters brings arcade style gaming and tempo to an audio only experience. Smack down monsters, defuse ticking time-bombs, and utilize overhead air support with 3D sound effects so realistic you’ll look up to see what’s flying over your head.
Although not specifically designed as a game for the blind, Ear Monsters makes extensive use of VoiceOver and is fully accessible.

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#1 Pause mode in the game. How can i exit?

Hello applevis! Sometimes when i play this game i press on the zcreen and i can't heare monsters. I think that this is a pause. Who does know how to exit this mode? I use IPhone 5S and IOs 8.1.2. Thank you!