Enjoy using Skills and Games with Amazon Alexa for iOS

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville introduces us to the skills that you can find on Amazon Alexa for iOS. With hundred's of thousands of skills to choose from, there is always something for you to use and play.

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Hello! Thank you for such a great podcast! I would love to hear the same podcast about exploring skils in google assistant, because it's interesting how i can do it. Thank you!

Amazon Alexa

Can't seem to find this app in the App Store. There is one called Amazon Alexa Music. But I couldn't find the one that's Amazon Alexa Thanks for any help..

Great Demo

Thanks Thomas. I got an Amazon Echo this year for my birthday and love it. To the person who couldn't find the correct iOS app, it is in the directory here on AppleVis. Just search for "Amazon Alexa." When I first downloaded this app I didn't find it too accessible with VoiceOver, but it appears that the app has since been updated and is now very accessible. I'll have to try using my iPhone for everything. I'm going to be at my parents' place for at least part of the weekend though, so I'm curious as to whether or not it will work. A sister of mine has an Echo as well, but I don't wish to access her account.

Thank you

Thanks so much Thomas! Love this app! Yes seems to be better than Siri.

Is Applevis stocking me?

Justin time! I just received my Amazon Echo Dot third generation for Christmas, and this couldn't have been more helpful. Thanks!