Enjoy Live NFL on your iOS Device with Pro Football Radio & Live Scores

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In this podcast, WildmanJoe gives us a demonstration of Pro Football Radio & Live Scores, an iOS app that streams any NFL game any time during the NFL season (including pre-season games).

Joe demonstrates 3 of the app’s 5 tabs: Team List, Schedules and Scoring. The Scoring tab did backfire on Joe a bit, but it will be understood when it is heard.

Pro Football Radio & Live Scores is a 99 US cents download from the iTunes App Store

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This App

This app is really fun. But do I get a notification if a life game has starded? Please help!


I don't think so.


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they do not do notifications, at least not at this time. You would need to check ahead of time for the scheduled start time, and then set a reminder for the start of the game. HTH

How do I

How do I know that a game has started?

App updated?

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I downloaded what I think is the correct App, Pro Football Radio & Live Scores by Red Ripe Media but it's different from the podcast. The first main difference is that there are only 3 tabs at the bottom and not 5 as the podcast discusses. The 3 tabs are games, teams and info. Has the App just been updated and changed since the podcast? I just downloaded the App this morning. Or, is it possible that there is another App with a similar name?


There is another pro football radio app by JJACR. hth.

Can you

Can you please post the app store link of this other Football app below?


Thanks for the app. It is the same as in the podcast.
A big thank you!!!

You're Welcome.

It is should be the same one that you heard on the podcast. I think whoever posted should let people know which app they are talking about. Because there are 2 Apps with the same name just different developers. But anyway they both cost the same price so I got them all 2.