A Demonstration of Hatchi for iOS

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In this podcast, Sabrina introduces us to Hatchi - A retro virtual pet for iOS. She shows us how to hatch an egg, and interact with the pet.

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Just a question.

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Hi. I'd like to know what's the voice in voiceover during the podcast, please.


I know the original voice is Samantha but I don't know which one of the voices the person used to do the podcast.

VoiceOver voice being used.

I think the voice is the compact version of Tessa, the South African voice. It sounded a bit British, but when I compared the voice on the recording to all the compact/enhanced female British voices, none of them matched. I even tried both varients of Moira, the Irish English voice, but they weren't right, either. I also tried both versions of the female Australian Siri voice, even though it didn't sound very Australian. Finally, I remembered about Tessa, and bingo! I even typed the word ice cream in to a note, just to see which varient it was; the compact voice sort of stutters over the phrase, while the enhanced version says it more smoothely.



It is south african english voice Tessa.