Beginners’ Guide to the iPhone: Exploring the iOS Accessibility Settings Part 1

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In this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the main Accessibility page found in the iOS Settings.

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Hi Thomas, I just want to let

Hi Thomas, I just want to let you know that in the Netflix app, the audio description on accessibility setting definitely works! Basically, when you double tap on a Netflix episode to watch it, for example Marvel's Daredevil or Marvel's Jessica Jones, The show will automatically default to the audio described language option.

Increase Contrast

Increase Contrast I think can also save battery power because some colours are less vivid and bright.

Accessibility Shortcut

The Accessibility Shortcut can actually be used to toggle among more than one setting as you incorrectly stated in your podcast. When toggling more than one setting, an alert box will appear from which you can choose the setting that you want to toggle.

Helpful Tips

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Thanks for all of the advice and tips! Just a note that we may be able to select more than one to the Accessibility Shortcut
is true. However, if one is blind and want to use the triple click home three times to turn this option on and we have multiple items selected. It would complicate things a bit as we wouldn't hear that there are other options or which to select. Would be great for those that are low vision. Certainly, will make that correction at some point when I need to redo this segment.

Thanks, again.