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Monday, June 15, 2020

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ATTENTION: Download this directly from your watch's App Store. If you have downloaded it from your iPhone and can't find it on your watch, on your watch's App Store, scroll down to 'Account', tap on 'Purchased' then download Nomi! -- Meet Nomi, a pet for your Apple Watch that you keep alive with your movement and exercise. -- HOW TO PLAY: - Fill the heart-ring with your steps and exercise - Once a heart-ring is full, tap it to feed your Nomi - Feed your Nomi before all 3 of its hearts run out - Try to keep your Nomi alive for as many days as you can! - Survive for long enough and your Nomi will continue to evolve! What will yours become? -- Nomi integrates with the Health app to measure your movements and steps. This data is never transferred off your device.



Free or Paid


watchOS Version


Accessibility Comments

This app can be used except the mini game. When you open the app you are presented bwitha settings button. to hatch the pet just turn off VO and then tap the screen a couple of times. It will ask for a name. Dictation will be used. Then there will be four elements. The first is the name which is readable. The second is unlabeled but is the feed button. The third,, is the mini game. The last shows how old your nomi is and when you tap there it shows the past pets.
Settings,, are straaight forward except the settings don't mark as selected.


Partially Accessible

Other Comments

Despite the accessibility issues I play just fine. I have,it set to casual and kj. Rope you like it. I told the devs in a high review. He seems to be fixing it.


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