AppleVis Unlimited: What's New and Noteworthy for November 2023

Welcome to the November 2023 edition of AppleVis Unlimited, your monthly digest of the latest and most notable content on the AppleVis website. This edition features a curated selection of community-submitted updates, including new app entries, updates, news, and podcasts.

New and Noteworthy App Entries

conjury (iOS/iPadOS, US$2.99)

Make your way through the eternal darkness of Lumtham woods. It’s a journey filled with monsters, peril, and tonnes of loot. Collect cards, weapons, and items as you make your way through this fast-paced deck building rogue-like to escape the darkness of the forest.


  • 6 playable characters, each with unique abilities and gameplay
  • Rogue-like gameplay and lots of replay-ability
  • Over 50 different weapons
  • Over 250 different cards to discover
  • Tonnes of different Enemies and Bosses to defeat

Current Version: 1.3.11 (November 28, 2023)

Read conjury’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit conjury’s App Store page 

Cybercards (iOS/iPadOS, Free)

Welcome to the gritty neon streets of Cybercards, the ultimate single player roguelike card game experience! Build your deck, unlock new cards and playable characters, and strategize your way through the cyberpunk world.

With dynamic gameplay inspired by tabletop games, every draw of the deck can mean the difference between survival and failure. Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious?

Choose from a variety of fun, exciting characters to play as, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Unlock new cards and build the ultimate deck to take on the toughest challenges the city has to offer.

But beware, Cybercards is a true roguelike card game, meaning that every decision you make and every card you play has real consequences. One wrong move could mean the end of your journey, so choose your actions wisely!

With intuitive mobile controls and addictive gameplay, Cybercards is the perfect way to dive into the world of cyberpunk roguelike card games. So what are you waiting for? Download now and start your journey to the top of the neon underworld!

Current Version: 0.0.175 (November 22, 2023)

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FYE (iOS/iPadOS, Free)

From Your Eyes is an assistant technology that brings together human and artificial intelligence and offers both fast and qualified visual explanation service to visually impaired and visually impaired users. There are three hundred and thirty million visually impaired people worldwide. One million of them are in Turkey, and ten million are in the United States. FYE consists of three parts: visually impaired users, trainable artificial intelligence services and descriptors. Visually impaired users can take any photo or select an image from their existing library and upload it to the application. Artificial intelligence delivers a draft description to the user immediately after the visual is loaded into the application. If the visually impaired user thinks that this draft description should be improved, he can also enter the description section in which aspect he wants it to be detailed and send it to the descriptors with a single click.

This request reaches the descriptors as a notification. When a descriptor enters the application, it selects an image from the request pool and makes written improvements to the text by comparing the image and the draft description. The process ends when the advanced draft is sent back to the user. The underlying AI services learn about these improvements with machine learning.

Current Version: 1.0.5 (November 23, 2023)

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Idle Iktah (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Idle Iktah is an incremental game set in a fictionalized Pacific Northwest where you start from nothing and create your own path to success. Level up, complete quests, and gain powerful rewards as you dive deeper into this hand-crafted adventure.

Current Version: 1.0.7 (November 28, 2023)

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Obstacle Detector - For Blind (iOS/iPadOS, Trial then $5.99 In-App Purchase)

Obstacle Detector is a powerful obstacle detection application, specially designed for visually impaired people to travel. It can help visually impaired people better avoid surrounding obstacles and avoid harm.

It uses the latest technology to measure distance through the LiDAR scanner and TrueDepth camera equipped on the iPhone. It has the characteristics of stability and high accuracy. The longest measurement distance is up to 5 meters, with a centimeter-level error! Designed for blind people.

Features (Exclusive to Premium Edition):

  • Alerting the proximity of obstacles through sound and vibration
  • Real-time broadcasting of the actual distance to obstacles
  • Extensive customization options, creating a personalized “blind cane”
  • Support for adjusting the size of the detection field of view

Supported Devices:

All Apple devices that support LiDAR scanners or feature Face ID

Current Version: 1.4.0 (November 19, 2023)

Read Obstacle Detector’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit Obstacle Detector’s App Store page 

Railboard - National Rail (UK) (iOS/iPadOS, Free)

Powered by National Rail Enquiries, Railboard is the best app for National Rail train times and platform numbers. Plus, you can save lots of money by finding super-cheap split train tickets on the app.

With Split Tickets, our clever algorithms find combinations of tickets that together offer the same journey but at a lower price than a regular ticket.

This is done by splitting regular train tickets at calling points along the journey. So instead of one ticket from A to C, you have two tickets from A to B and B to C. However, you stay on the same train as normal. There is no requirement to alight and re-board. And we do all the hard work to find them for you!

But that’s not all; Railboard has tons of other features:

  • No booking fees.
  • Instant etickets, which you can add to Apple Wallet.
  • Buy with Apple Pay.
  • Supports Dark Mode.
  • Set your railcard to get railcard discounts.
  • Easily request refunds using an online form inside the app.
  • Receipts available inside the app.
  • An easy button to add journeys to your calendar.
  • You can optionally toggle off seeing ticket prices.
  • You can choose to see only direct trains.
  • National Rail departure and arrival boards.
  • Official National Rail platform numbers.
  • Clear disruption, delay, and cancellation notices.
  • Pin trains and journeys for easy access later on.
  • You can save route searches for quick access.
  • Optional settings, so you can customise Railboard to how you like it.

Current Version: 5.19 (October 16, 2023)

Read Railboard - National Rail’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit Railboard - National Rail’s App Store page 

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Notable App Updates

Dice World® Play with Friends (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Roll, Compete, and Conquer in Dice World!

Get ready to immerse yourself in six addicting dice games that you can enjoy online or offline. Now with full VoiceOver support for unmatched accessibility, Dice World is the #1 choice for fun and inclusive gaming.

Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced Farkle, strategic Yatzy, or unpredictable Pig, Dice World has something for everyone.

Current Version: 22.11 (November 15, 2023)

Changes in Version 22.11
  • Accessibility fixes, including select all button fix and user search issues resolved!
  • Option to post wins to timeline!
  • Stability fixes.

Read Dice World® Play with Friends’ AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit Dice World® Play with Friends’ App Store page 

FruitPot 2 (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Try out the best game of the year.

If you liked FruitPot 1 you will love FruitPot 2: similar gameplay but with all new stores and mini-games, and set in the 80s.

  • Innovative ever-changing fruit machine slot.
  • More than 15 mini-games that appear as you progress through the game.
  • Original gameplay where you have to spend the Bucks you get at the games buying items in stores at the mall.
  • Great sounds and graphics.
  • No internet connection is required to play, also no personal data gathering or subscriptions.
  • 100% Accessible with VoiceOver, as it always should be.

Current Version: 1.231120 (November 19, 2023)

Changes in Version 1.231120

Exciting Update! Step into a winter wonderland with our newest addition - a Christmas-themed slot machine and a charming street of festive shops. Spin for holiday luck and explore a delightful selection of seasonal stores. Update now and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas gaming!

Read FruitPot 2’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit FruitPot 2’s App Store page 

Supersense - AI for Blind (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Supersense is the smartest and simplest scanner app made for the blind and visually impaired users to read any text format, currency or product details from a barcode independently.

With the power of AI, Supersense automatically figures out what you are trying to scan, guides you on how to point the camera, and reads the content in the right format. Its unique design minimizes the time and frustrations of scanning and reading text for a blind and visually impaired user.

Full features of Supersense:

  • Smart Scanner: The app automatically detects whether you are trying to quickly read a piece of text, a long document, a currency or a barcode.
  • Smart Guidance: The app guides you on how to point the camera and finds the best angle to have the most accurate results
  • Quick Read: Instantly read the text presented in front of the rear camera
  • Document: Read longer documents with the assistance of smart guidance. Once the text has been recognized, use VoiceOver commands to navigate through the recognized text and share it to other apps.
  • Multipage Scanning: Scan documents with multiple pages simultaneously and navigate through the text.
  • Currency: Recognize currencies and hear the value of a banknote
  • Barcode: Scan barcodes to hear the name and brand of the products with additional information
  • Object Explorer and Find: Scan your physical environment and hear about the objects that are around.
  • Import: Read and explore text from the images and PDF files. Also you can send them directly from any other apps with using “Recognize with Supersense” tool in your share menu.
  • Read History: Displays your recognition history in a single screen.

Current Version: 1.10.23 (November 7, 2023)

Changes in Version 1.10.23
  1. Read History Filters: Tailor your results in Read History and display only what you need on the latest results section
  2. Library: A new Library button is added to Read History where you can access all recognition history categorized by read modes in the new Library screen
  3. Dark Theme: Switch to dark mode on all Supersense screens by selecting Dark Theme under the settings menu
  4. Reading Settings: A new settings menu to customize reading and display options on the reading screen

Read Supersense - AI for Blind’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit Supersense - AI for Blind’s App Store page 

VoiceVista (iOS/iPadOS, Free)

VoiceVista is a critical application for the blind and low vision users’ community. It is built upon Microsoft’s discontinued and open-source project Soundscape ( and is licensed under the MIT License (

The app leverages advanced iOS audio technology and precise location services to empower individuals in developing a heightened sense of their environment. It offers reassurance in unfamiliar settings, assisting users in forming mental maps and confidently navigating their desired routes.

Current Version: 1.2.4 (November 24, 2023)

Changes in November
  • New places data:
    • California 1.4M records
    • Germany 3M records
    • United Kingdom 2.5M records
    • Japan 2M records
  • Relayout settings UI
  • Merge features of Assistant tab to Surroundings tab
  • Call out city of street when in vehicle
  • Call out street name in What’s My Location
  • Allow to turn on/off Intersections and Transportation info separately
  • Importing BlindSquare Backup
  • Customize shake motion response
  • Customize auto-mute distance for beacons
  • Wake me up before you reach a location
  • Sort search place results by distance
  • Exclude user-generated markers from the ‘All Places’ list
  • Clearly label ‘Mute’ and ‘Unmute’ for audio beacons
  • Open Google Maps with the destination location

Read VoiceVista’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information 

Visit VoiceVista’s App Store page 

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