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Description of App

This is the account that allows you to view out-of-market TV games and also listen to the local radio broadcasts during a live game. NOTE: After the game is over, only the TV broadcasts are available. Also, an MLB.TV subscription is required to access these features. You can also get game highlights, standings, and schedules.

Free or Paid


Accessibility Comments

This app is very accessible. When it first came out, it had some issues with reading the games in the schedule for the day; however, those issues have been taken care of in later releases. Again, in order to access the complete feature list for MLB.TV, you will need to have a paid subscription. While you can create an account on the AppleTV, I strongly suggest you do it on your computer ir iOS device because of how slow input is on the TV. Simply point your browser to and follow the appropriate links to sign up. However, all components are accessible.


Fully Accessible

Other Comments

Be aware when listening to radio broadcasts, you will most likely wish to disable Voiceover as whenever the stats change, it starts reading game info again and makes the game very difficult to enjoy.


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