Little Ben, Haptic Feedback

With LittleBen you can send haptics feedback in relation to time, in the background and with different modalities, among them:
Why would I find it useful:

Situations in which you need to know how much time has passed and you have difficulties to see the watch screen (Public speaking, Work, While you are walking, While you are swimming)
You can save the sessions to see the number of minutes/hours consumed.

- Features:
*Minute counter / Hour counter: A number of minutes with haptic signals will be sent. For example, if you start the session when 3 minutes pass your Apple Watch will vibrate 3 times and so on until you stop it.

*Hour Chime: When an hour is reached you would receive the
number of the hour in a haptics amount. For example, at 5 o'clock you will receive 5 vibrations and so on until you stop it.

*Specific mode of minutes/hours to count.

- Options:

You can change the type of haptic to be very soft or stronger
You can select haptics manually to start dozens (In the case of 12 minutes or 12 hours the 10 will be a specific haptic unlike the unit)




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Accessibility Comments: 

Now it isn’t accessible!