What guidelines and tips do you have for submitting podcasts to the AppleVis website?

Here are some basic guidelines and tips for people who are thinking of submitting a podcast to the site.

  • Check to make sure that your podcast doesn’t duplicate one already in our archive. If we already have a podcast on the same topic, we are only likely to accept your podcast if it contains new or additional information (for example, if it is a demonstration of an app which has changed significantly since the existing podcast was recorded).
  • Make a short test recording before starting on your actual podcast. Use this to check the audio levels are appropriate and background noise is low.
  • Make sure that the volume level of VoiceOver is appropriate for the level of your own speech.
  • If necessary, slow down the speech rate of VoiceOver so that it is comfortable for listeners used to a slower rate (we recommend 35-40%).
  • If available, turn on Do Not Disturb on your iOS device to prevent interruptions during a demonstration.
  • If possible, make your recording in a location where there are likely to be few background noises.
  • Have a plan in advance for what you want to cover and say in the podcast.
  • Make sure that your podcast does what you say it will in the introduction.
  • If demonstrating an app, please fully familiarize yourself with it beforehand. Trying to demonstrate an app that you have not used before is rarely going to be useful to listeners.
  • If demonstrating an app, don't feel obliged to walk-through and describe each and every page, element and button.
  • We do not post complete walk-throughs of games, as these have the potential of spoiling the game for listeners. So, if demonstrating a game, please limit this to what is necessary to give the listener an overview of gameplay and accessibility.
  • Make sure that the names of any apps or products mentioned in the podcast are correct. It can also be helpful to spell out any names so as to avoid any possible confusion with similarly named items.
  • Clearly state what gestures or keystrokes you are using when interacting with an app.
  • Try to avoid talking over the top of VoiceOver.
  • Try to keep to a minimum any discussion which is not relevant to the podcast (we will most likely remove this, anyway).
  • Try to avoid long pauses and too many 'ums' and 'ahs'.
  • If you want to let listeners know how to contact you, please limit this to just 1 or 2 options. In most cases, an email address and/or a Twitter username should suffice..
  • Content is far more important than recording quality, so don't be deterred from recording a podcast simply because you don't have specialist equipment or software. A good quality recording can be made directly onto an iDevice.
  • For most spoken podcasts, a stereo recording offers no real benefit over mono. It does, however, increase file size, make downloads slower and requires more bandwidth. There are also instances where recording in stereo can introduce audio problems. So, unless your podcast features something that truly needs stereo (such as audio composition tools or audio games) please either record in mono or be willing to accept our converting it to mono.
  • Upload the audio in it's original state if possible, as we will always need to do some editing, and each edit will result in some audio degradation.
  • Please do not add the AppleVis intro or outro clips. Although you are most likely trying to save us work, you won't have access to the original clips, so we will only need to redo this (which takes us back to the previously mentioned point of audio degredation with each edit).

Important notes:

  1. We reserve the right to edit the audio and content prior to posting on the AppleVis website.
  2. Submitting a podcast is no guarantee of it being accepted for posting to the site. If we believe that something is not suitable for posting, we will contact you and explain why. In most cases we will invite you to redo the podcast to address any problems.
  3. Please do not attempt to use our podcast feed as an opportunity to promote your own products or services. In most cases it is extremely unlikely that we will accept a podcast from anybody who is directly connected with whatever is being featured in the podcast.
  4. We will not accept podcasts which contain profanity or offensive comments.
  5. We do not repost audio which has been specifically recorded for another website or radio show (typically where the recording contains audio branding and spoken references to the website or show in question).
  6. We generally do not post podcasts which are already widely available on other websites.
  7. As AppleVis is an English-language website, all podcast submissions must be in English.
  8. If you have multiple podcasts to submit, please submit only one at a time and wait for it to be reviewed, accepted and posted to the website before submitting the next.

Please contact us if you have any questions which aren’t answered here.