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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Within in any edit field, it is possible to select text to delete, copy or cut and paste contents of clipboard. 1. Flick to edit field, double tap to move focus to start/end of edit box and another double tap will move focus to opposite end. 2. Place two fingers on screen and turn right or left to word/character, depending on how one wishes to select text. 3. Flick down to move forward by selected unit and up to move back by selected unit. Note: VoiceOver speaks the character/word that it moved over. For example, if unit movement is set to word, flicking down and VoiceOver speaks, hello, focus is to the right of the letter Flicking up will result in VoiceOver speaking hello, but focus will be to the left of letter H. 4. With focus to the left of the point where one wishes to start text selection, pinch open gesture (place two fingers near each other and spread them apart) will select text by specified unit in rotor, continue on with the pinch open gesture until all of the text one wishes to select is selected. To unselect text, pinch close (place two fingers apart and bring them together). 5. To delete, double tap or split tap delete button on keyboard. To copy or cut, switch rotor to edit, flick down to copy or cut, double tap and VoiceOver will confirm action. To paste into an edit field, turn rotor to edit, flick down to paste and double tap.



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Submitted by Bobcat on Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanks for the tips Kevin. Just started using an IPhone5s. It seems to easy to move focus somewhere else instead of selecting when pinching. I also sometimes turn the rotor instead. I've been practicing. We could have contests to see who is the fastest pincher in town. Bob