Saving Streaming Station Link To Home Screen

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
You can navigate through a web page with links to streaming audio. ACB Radio comes to mind. But when you stream the audio, you find no way to save the URL of the stream as a shortcut icon on your home screen. Not to worry, you can bookmark Audio stream URLS too. Simply locate the link as usual. But instead of double-tapping to activate it, double-tap and hold. Wait for a second and an "action" menu will slide in to view. The URL target of the selected link will be read prefixed by the message Alert, to inform you of the appearance of the action menu. VoiceOver will let you flick through the choices of open, Open in new Page, Add To reading List, Copy, or cancel. You need to Open this direct link to a stream in a new page. If you don't, it will simply stream with no way to save it as a bookmark. But open it in a new page and you'll see the Utilities menu at the bottom, which gives you access to the usual choices of Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Add to Home Screen, Print, Copy, Bookmark, Add to Reading List and Cancel. Simply choose Add to Home screen. I like to keep shortcuts to my favorite streaming stations in a separate folder on my 4th home screen, easy to reach without needing to load up a page in Safari and navigate to a specific link. Comes in handy when I just want to check what's on ACB Radio, listen to a quick local weather report or when my access to wi-fi will not last very long.


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