One of the Methods Used for Adding Entries to the iOS App Directory

In this guide, I will be teaching you my method of adding entries to the iOS App Directory which can be found on the main page.

This method may be long the first time you do it, but as you do it more often, it starts getting easier and quicker.

To make this easier for you guys to navigate, I will put the guide in Heading Levels so you can find a certain spot instead of having to flick through a bunch of stuff.

Getting Started

Note: Before you proceed to the steps, make sure that the App Store and Notes application are open in the App Switcher, and of course a web browser like Safari or Firefox to go to AppleVis for.

Getting started is pretty easy. Just open the App Store, search for the app you want, and put VoiceOver in focus of the app description.

Here you can copy the description to your clipboard by quadruple tapping the screen with three fingers. VoiceOver will then start all over again, reading what it has copied to the clipboard.

Go to the App Switcher by double tapping the Home button. Switch to the Notes app and create a fresh note. Paste the description into the text field. Leave VO focused on the text field, so that when you come back the Notes app will automatically detect where VO was in focus.

Once again, switch over to your App Switcher and switch back to the App Store. Your app should still be showing, otherwise search for it again.

Tap the Share button and scroll down until VO says "Copy Link." Select the option and it will take you back to the previous screen.

Almost there, this is just the starting point still. Switch to your App Switcher and bring up the Notes app. Your text field should hopefully still be in focus. Put your insertion point at the end or the beginning, doesn't matter, and paste it. Delete the app name and developer name so you just have the link. Remember the app name.

So far, so good

We've done the app part. Now, it is time to get your memory working.

Switch back to the App Store in your App Switcher and scroll down until you find the version of the app. You may copy and paste it to the Notes app but that would be increase the length of this method. Memorize the version and if you would like, write it down.

Now, here's the step you must be careful with. Switch back to the Notes app and perform a Select All. Be careful at all times not to press the delete key, otherwise you will have to do it all over again, unless you hit the Undo button.

When everything is selected, copy the whole entire thing to the clipboard.

Rolling Along

We still have a ways to go before we are done.

Open the App Switcher and pick a browser (e.x: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc) and launch it. Go to AppleVis and head to Submit Content. Tap on the iOS App Directory option.

If you have memorized the title of the app, type it in correctly. Choose the category and put VO in focus of the Description text field.

Now, paste everything from your clipboard to the description field. Find the link and select the whole link. Cut the link to your clipboard so it leaves an empty line. You can delete this. Now the only thing on your clipboard should be your link.

By the time you get to the Version text field, type in the Version of the app that you memorized or wrote down.

Almost Done

Now, you just have to paste the link to the Link field. Then you're done, but don't forget to fill out the othethings too.


Hope you enjoyed the guide, and if you don't use my method, that's ok. Everyone has different ways of doing things, not everybody is the same. You may find this useful sometime.

You my contact by selecting my name when it appears, then scroll down until you find Contact.

For now, PEACE!



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