Navigating, and using Tabata Stopwatch Pro

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a great app, and it is easy to use.
When opening the app, it will sound something like this.
Tabata Stopwatch Pro
When swiping right, it will say Press play to start
After swiping right again, it will say Loaded Preset Tabata
After swiping right again, it will say Last workout x days ago
Swipe right, it has an inspirational quote. For example “Believe you can, and your half way there.” Theador Rusavelt.
Swipe right again, there is a play button, and then a stop button. Following this, there is a settings menu.
The first button which can be pressed is the “Play” button.
When this is pressed, The workout will start. A voice will tell you when to start, and when to stop, with the assistance of beeps in the first 3 seconds, and last 3 seconds of resting or exercising. While a workout is taking place, the screen will look something like this.
How many lots of 20 seconds you have completed, how many you have to go.
Jump backward
Jump forward
After a workout has completed, the app will return to the home screen, however, it will have some options above it, like to cancel, share it on Facebook, or Twitter, or rate. If you wish to just access the settings, or complete the workout again, you must press cancel.
In settings, it has the intervals, how long to complete the exercise for, and music settings.
This is how Tabata can be navigated and used. If you would like to check out the app’s accessibility, check it out on the app directory from

I hope you enjoy it.


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