How to answer, end or decline calls with the Activator jailbreak tweak

I have seen a lot of people saying they have problems with the 2 finger double tap not ending or answering a call or that it's hard to find and double tap the answer, decline or end call buttons when they are in a noisy place. If you are jailbroaken or you are willing to jailbreak, I have a solution for you. I understand it's not for everyone, but if you are interested, read on. First, install Activator from the default repos. Then, ad to your Cydia sources. Next, from the source you just added, you need to install 3 packages. They are: HelloActivator, GoodbieActivator, and DeclineActivator. After you have installed these 3 packages and resprung, you can open up your settings app and go to Activator or double tap the Activator icon on your home screen if you have it set up to show the icon. Then you can set up Activator gestures for answer, end and decline a call. Note, if there is one or more of those buttons you don't want an Activator gesture for, just don't install the package corresponding to that button. Obviously, HelloActivator for answering a call, GoodbieActivator for ending a call and DeclineActivator for declining a call. I have not tested this with FaceTime calls, but I see no reason why it would not work. If you find it only works for the phone and not FaceTime, please let me know and I will remove the iPad and iPod Touch tags.



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#1 Thanks for this one, will give it a go.

Will give this one a go. Was having problems using sleep button to cancel calls too, never tried it when phone was un - jailbroken so not sure how well it is supposed to work.

#2 Hmm,

I've installed the app but can't find any reference to it in activator, I'm bemused...

#3 what 1

Which one did you install? Or did you install all 3 or what?

#4 Activator and hanging up

I installed the one to hang up but I'd assume it would come up at the start of the list when selecting the action, e.g., triple clk touch id. I've got flip flop installed too which switches between apps and that is where that is located.

#5 I'm a plonker...

Hi, yeah, got it, it pops up under the phone options after selecting the action... Though I'm sure everyone else is a little more thorough and patient than I. Thanks for the tip.

#6 Can't get it to work properly

Hi, installed hello and goodbye but can't seem to get it working. When answering all that happens is the ringtone goes silent, don't know what is on the screen as voiceover goes silentI then have to close the phone app in app switcher to get voiceover back. I do have a missed call notification after this. I'm running IOS8.12 on an iphone5s. Is it me or does this app not work in 8.12?