Importing BRF files to the BARD Mobile app using Dropbox

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Friday, February 5, 2021
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To complete this process, you must have agreed to the BARD Service agreement, and be signed in to a BARD account. This will not work for people who do not have accounts with the national Library Service for the Blind and Physically handicapped . For more info on whether you qualify, and to apply if you do, see the BARD Main Page

Note that the only reasons you would have needed to sign in is because the app will not work until you have done so. This process has nothing to do with the BARD server itself, so whether the site is up or not doesn't matter for this purpose. However, for those who have already downloaded and installed the app, you will also need to download the Dropbox app, create an account, and install it on either your PC or Mac, along with your iOS device. You will also need to use the same account, or a shared folder which both devices can access. If you have brf files you wish to import in to the BARD Mobile app, do the following.

  1. Copy the desired brf file to a Dropbox folder.

  2. Open the Dropbox app on your iDevice and navigate to the file.

  3. Double tap the file name to open it, and then double tap the Export button located on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

  4. Choose to open the file in Bard Mobile. Once open, you will be placed in the Now Reading tab. you will also find that it has been added to your bookshelf under the Braille Books category.

  5. Enjoy reading. All functions and limitations found through brf files that you would have downloaded through the NLS BARD app apply to the newly imported book. For example, the limitation of only being able to access brf content with a braille display and not visually or with speech. Also note, that you must have 8 dot braille enabled to read brf content with BARD Mobile. To turn eight-dot braille output on, press space with the letter G until you have set it accordingly.


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