How to Get Push Gmail Notification on your iOS Device

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
How to Get Push Gmail Notifications on your iOS device 1. go to and create an account. Create an email address, do not use your gmail address. 2. sign into your gmail account and go to settings 3. go to forwarding and add your email address. Choose to archive gmail's copy of the message. 4. sign into your account 5. go to options, then more mail options 6. add your gmail account as a send account 7. select your gmail account as the default address for new messages and replies 8. open Microsoft Outlook and add both your gmail and addresses 9. Expand your gmail account 10. highlight each folder that contains emails you want to save, hit the applications key, and choose copy to 11. find your outlook account and hit enter 12. on your iOS device, go to settings, mail, and add the outlook account 13. delete your gmail account from your iOS device 14. delete your gmail account in outlook 2010 I find it is easiest to check your email from outlook 2010, rather than using the outlook site. Now when people send you an email, it will automatically be forwarded to your address, and replies and new messages will appear to send from your gmail address.



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