Guide for quentin c's playroom on iOs using Safari

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Guide for quentin c playroom on iPad

Things you need:
1: an iOs device, preferably an iPad
2: a bluetooth keyboard,optional but reccomended

Quentin c's playroom is available as an app on Windows. I have found a way to make it work on iOs using Safari. It is very easy once you have learned it.
To get started, go to Navigate to the heading that says quick links and then browse to where it says play directly in your browser. Double tap this. This will open a place where you can log in, but if you are already logged in this will just open the playroom without credentials.
This is where it may be a bittricky. You know how things in windows were that it would keep telling you when someone has created or left or joined a table. This is rather annoying when being on iOs seeing that it reads all of this. That cannot be turned off for some reason.


To move around the menues you can do this even with quicknav on. Thne only thing is that you cannot do that in most games, as the game uses lots of the commands, like for example pressing c for cards, b for buzzer, roll the dice.....
Let's create a game.
To be able to create a game, just activate the button in the menu. Choose your game. For this guide we will be using uno because that is what I love to play.
Setting up a table is rather annoying because VoiceOver keeps reading things about other players. To add or remove bots or using b and shift+b, like in the windows version. When done, press the enter key. This only works with quicknav off. The first time you need to have quicknav off.
The game will start when you press the enter key, wich opens the game options is where quicknav will really have to be off, because many things won't work. Also, you cannot just press the arrow keys to be able to move between cards. You use the VO+arrows to be able to do this. I reccomend using the headers things on the rotor. The keys like buzzer, bluffs and stuff won't work with quicknav on.

Without keyboard:
Some games can be played without bluetooth keyboard. One thing is that without a keyboard it will be very cluttered. You can shake your phone to do things or just flick to the option, but playing without a keyboard is not recomended, not for me at least.

There are four headings in the actual playroom. The first one is the history, wich I seldomly bnrowse through when I don't need it. Then there is the games heading and under that are the things you can do in the game. The next one is actions wich contains other things for games and at the end of that it will have a button to open table menu, wich lets you do things like save the table, open it and so on. The last thing is the chat. It works with opening it and pressing enter to send.

In Windows in comparizon

In windows you can move between options with the arrow keys, but you cannot do that in iOs. So using a command like flick left or right, meaning vo+left or right arrow and move between the headings with VO+up or down.



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