A Blind Legend - Scene 20

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

In this guide, I will teach you how to pass Scene 20 of A Blind Legend.

Quick Preview of Scene 19

In Scene 19, you had to defeat these demon men that were trying to eat you. They were fast attackers, and you defended yourself and fought with your sword, hacking and slicing and stabbing through every one.

Scene 20

Now that you have seen a quick preview of what you should do in Scene 19, I will now teach you how to pass Scene 20.

Louise will start by leading you to the water. When she says "come father!", listen for the boat, the pebbles will be hitting the boat lightly. Before it is too lata, put that sound in the middle of your head. Guards will come, and in order for you to be prepared you need to be facing the boat. Once you hear the indication that the guards are coming, walk at full speed toward the boat. The leader of the guards will encourage his men, so you better hurry.

Once you are to the boat, Louise will tell you she cannot untie the rope. Double tap on the screen to take out your sword. Slice the rope by swiping up. Then, you're done.

However, if the guards are 50 or less meters away, you will lose.

Hoped this guide helped.


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