You Tube keeps speaking requires payment

HI All, when ever I watch a video, like the pbs news hour lately it says "Preview, This video requires payment." but the video plays, and it says that anytime I hit the touch pad on the remote control, or when I pause/play the video. Has anyone experienced this annoying bug?


It’s happening to me as well…

It’s happening to me as well… Most YouTube videos are now speaking the annoying preview video requires payment… Anybody got a fix for this? Thanks!

Would love a fix for this annoying problem as well

This just started with the most recent YouTube update. I wasn't thrilled when the youtube app became self-voicing with a very slow and irritating Samantha, but this makes it even worse. I wish it was still an app that simply worked with VO. I'm willing to deal with the self-voicing thing for the amazon prime video app, just because I'm so thankful that Amazon finally has an Apple TV app, but for YouTube to go that route as well when it was mostly accessible before is a real head-scratcher. Hopefully someone will find a fix for the this video requires payment to watch message, either that or YouTube will fix whatever they broke.

OK… Let’s get these two

OK… Let’s get these two issues resolved…
One the annoying preview content needs payment for YouTube issue
To the annoying native screen reader being way too loud for apps such as YouTube

Still need to find a fix for this

OK, is there somewhere where like a forum where we can let the right people know that this is happening so that it can be fixed is it Apple? Is it YouTube? Every video is now saying “this video requires payment “whenever it opens and starts playing… The replacement of voiceover with the slow Samantha native app self voicing screen reader for YouTube and Amazon Prime Video is not good! Why not let voiceover do the screen reader job? Anyone know why the self voice soon screen reader is chosen over the far superior voiceover for YouTube and Amazon Prime Video? I mean voiceover is free… So it’s not an issue of cost…

Amazon Prime Prompt

One other annoying prompt, that takes several seconds to come up is the one that says you need follow focus or direct touch modes enabled. So annoying, especially if you start a video from the Apple TV app...

Google Chrome

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to get around the piece of junk that Google is foisting on us and calling an app, I got myself a Google Chrome. Now I just cast from my phone. Issue fixed.