WWDC 2017: Thoughts and Impressions

Hello all,
The WWDC keynote for 2017 has come and gone, and has brought a lot of interesting features to the table. I'm curious what interested people about the keynote? I also have one question that might interest some people:
Since Steam, Unity and Unreal are available for developers on the Mac, does this open the door for more native access with VoiceOver in the apps developed with those engines?
Thanks for your cokmentary.


WWDC 2017 Keynote

I thought that the WWDC keynote was lots of fun. I liked learning about all the new features in watchOS 4. I am wondering what the toy story watch face will sound like when the 3 characters announce the time. I hope Apple brings new accessibility features and improvements in iOS 11. For example a feature that will allow all iPhones to vibrate the time just like the taptic time in watchOS 3.

Good suggestion

Great suggestion. It would make checking the time a lot easier.

Taptic time is Ubber geeky

Apple has to sell features that are going to appeal to everyone, and this haptic time thing sounds ubber geeky. Only a few people are really going to be able to appreciate it. Most people aren't going to want to listen to how many times the phone vibrates. They just want the time spoken. It takes less than a second and you're done. If you really want this feature, the Apple watch is your best bet.

Excited About The Files App

I am excited about the files ap for the iPad. I am in the market for a new iPad, and the iPad has needed some sort of files app ever since they launched the iPad Pro.

Home pod


I find the home pod interesting and I can’t wait to check it out in person. The price is a bit steep though.

I’d like to compare it against the Amazon Ecco which is almost half the price. I suspect this is not going to surpass the Ecco family since the Ecco can do much more for less.

For the home pod to catch up with the Ecco, it will need to have learning skills. This way, folks can add existing connected devices to it. Apple should also work something out with Amazon so using the home pod, folks will be able to order from Amazon. If Appple really wants to stir things up, Apple should talk to Walmart. Folks using home pod can order things and it will be fulfilled by Walmart. Wow. That would really get retail price war going.

Apple home essentials fulfilled by Walmart. How is that for a tag line. LOL.

WWDC thoughts

Hi my thoughts on WDCR that I like how I can delete a message from one device with iOS 11 and will be doing across all of the devices with it being in the cloud now and also I do agree that the Home part is a little steep I meant The Home pod and I meant WWDC sorry and yes I also agree that they needed to do something with the iPad And I believe the face thing with the toy story their separate faces I believe I could be wrong

Watch OS4 Connects to my Treadmill

I think my wallet just might become a bit lighter this year. Ever since I started using my treadmill, I have had to manually determine my performance such as heart rate, speed, distance, etc. As of Watch OS4, if a treadmill or similar device has the AFC reader attached, then the Apple Watch can communicate and give me the long missing feedback. I can't wait for this.

The other thing very much worthy of mentioning here is the HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training workout that will be available. This is the other style of workout that I much prefer and I'm really thankful it will be included with the next release. Both of these items means a much more effective and accurate workout.

I heard rumours that

I heard rumours that Apple is making an Apple watch that might not need to be paired with an iPhone. I might wait for that one to come out so that I don't have to worry about accidentally activating the emergency sos feature. The new Apple watch might also have cellular capabilities.


That would be interesting if there was an Apple watch that didn't have to be connected to the phone. For me when it comes to the HomePod, I don't have an Echo oo a Home, and I hope that it is as high quality as they say the sound is.

Image Recognition

Hi. I really enjoyed the keynote speech at this year's WWDC. One thing that really caught my attention--as far as accessibility is concerned--was the enhancements to image recognition. I think this will be awesome, and hopefully I and others will finally be able to read pdf's with VO. This is something I've been hoping for a long time. Even when I was still using Windows the pdf thing wasn't that great, but we won't talk about that other operating system here. I can't wait to update my Mac to High Sierra, and hopefully by then I'll have my first iPhone as well.