Writing quotation marks on iOS with a braille display

Hi guys,
So I'm writing in my web file index.php in HTML, and was attempting to make a link.
However, for some strange reason, when I perform the quote sign on my braille display, it is changed to some sort of left quote, according to my PC.
I've tried dots 4-5, then dots 2-3-6, but no luck. I've also tried dots 5-6, then dots 3-5-6, no luck.
Does anyone have suggestions?


#1 dot 4

Did you try just dot 4?
Do that for open and closed quotations. I think everything you tried didn't work because you were not using computer braille symbols. And in cumputer braille, open & closed quotations are dot 4. Hope this helps!

#2 Quote

For me dot three is a single quote aka apostrophe and dot five is normal double quote.

#3 More info

Sorry, guys.
I forgot to mention, that I am using UEB  as my braille code, not EBAE.

#4 You have different options

#5 Hi there

Hi there!
Dots 3 4 5 seems to be the AR contraction. Are you sure you don't mean dots 3 5 6, as in the lowered j?

#6 Dots 3-5-6 yes indeed

Yes, it is dots 3-5-6. I'm just thinking that Braille has become too much of a first and second nature to me that I don't really think about my dot combinations... Smile out loud...
Also, my code sample keeps not working; the site might be trying to render it as actual code.
But yes, try doing dots 3-5-6 for the quotation mark, as dots 2-3-6 will do a question mark in UEB.