Workflow vs. Launchcenter Pro


I've looked at the two apps workflow and launchcenter pro, and they seem quite interesting. Wich one is the most accessible for Voiceover users? I know you can do workflows with the workflow where you can give it a few different actions to performe, and the same might be the case for Launchcenter Pro. Wich one of those apps would you advice me to buy if I need to get some tasks done easier? Thanks in advance. Best regards Thomas


If you want to do tasks

If you want to do tasks workflow might do the trick. Launch center just launches apps for you. I use an app called launch which is similar, but it's free and works well. and the hints tell you what to do.

Accessibility wise, I think

Accessibility wise, I think you won't go wrong with either of them. Workflow is more powerful as it's designed to perform tasks, IE make a picture then immediately post it to dropbox and share it to social networks at the same time, while launch centre just lets you quickly launch an app and possibly profile some details, IE you can make a button in launch centre to quickly message your best friend and ask what's up.
Workflow workflows can be launched not just from their app interface but you also get a sharing extension, so you can act on a URL from safari, an email attachment or whatever. So, choosing which app is better depends not on how accessible they are, but rather what you're planning to use it for.

It sounds like workflow might

It sounds like workflow might be the thing I want to use. I could certainly see myself record a memo and then get it uploaded to a specific folder in Dropbox via Workflow.
Do you have some examples on what Workflow can do both some easy things, but also some more advanced workflows?
Just so I can get a little inspiration and considering which option is best of these two...

an example might be this. I

an example might be this. I record a video, it converts to m4a audio and then launches the message app so I can send it. That is actually an easy work flow to create, but this is what I use it for, Be awre that the limite you get on the camera is only 10 minutes. This is an apple restrictions for apps that want to access it.

You can also maybe use antoehr app, record yoru voice, upload it to work flow then have it do stuff. I dont' know as I don't use it in that way.

One thing I do is write up a

One thing I do is write up a new journal entry, and it gets automatically saved to clipboard. This can be done in Fleksi or mBraille or whatever. Then I run a journal workflow which appends the date to the bottom of my journal, then the clipboard contents.
Other examples are calling Uber to your location with just one tap, ordering pizza from your favorite pizza joint, getting the lyrics to the currently playing song, and tons more. I don't use the app nearly as much as I could but it was still worth every penny.

Check out the galarry. I

Check out the galarry. I spelled itwrong, but yeah. It will give you ideas and you can add those work flows to yoru tool belt.

The power of workflows

Wow, sounds like I might love this tool. Sorry for asking silly questions about this, but would Workflow then perhaps could do some of the following examples?

  1. Save a memo to Dropbox in a specific older so I only need to specify the name of it?
  2. Copy some text I've written and send it to a contact I can define inside the workflow like a prompt?
  3. Edit a txt file in one app and export it to Dropbox in a specific folder without going through multiple steps from the txt-app to saving it to a specific folder inside Dropbox?

@Ken Downey: Do you know if MBraille can support workflows directly from it's interface? I know Harri from @mpaja made something so it would work with Drafts and I believe you might find something interesting there... But I haven't checked up on this. Thanks in advance

Best regards Thomas

MBraille does not support

MBraille does not support Workflow at this time, but I hope something is put in place soon, that would be awesome.
As far as I know, everything you listed above can be done with workflow.

It cannot do the first task

It cannot do the first task as voice memos cannot be linked to anything I don't think. You might if you integrate the apps in the list get steps 2 and 3 to work though. I don't use it for what it can be used for but your work flows must be using the apps it supports. That list is growing btw.



I now decided to go with Workflow. I actually think I might love it. It sounds like it can do some of the things that I normally spend too much time of.
Again, thank you so much for your answers.
Best regards Thomas

Of you create any work flows

Of you create any work flows that might be interested feel free to share them on twitter and facebook. They will be aded so all might take advantage of them.

Take care.

RE: Have you created any workflows?

I haven't at this moment, but I might try to put something together... I suppose I might be the only one who want some of the things I have in mind. I've thought about a workflow that takes a entered amount of like Euros and shows what it will be in US dollars. I often find my self needing an easy to use currency converter.....
How can I submit anything to the gallery of workflows?

To submit, just share it to

To submit, just share it to twitter. This will submit. I dunno if you can convert but it 's worth a try. Remember I use the work flow app to fit my needs. They even fixed a broken work flow for me. Lol!

Take care.

Workflow can record audio

App Developer

Hi Thomas,

In response to your question as to whether or not Workflow can "Save a memo to Dropbox in a specific older so I only need to specify the name of it," yes! Use the Record Audio action followed by Set Name (use the buttons above the keyboard to insert an "Ask When Run" token into the name field) and lastly, Save to Dropbox.

To submit your workflow to us, you can use the Workflow Settings button near the top-right of the screen and choose Submit to Gallery. Our automatic gallery isn't set up yet, though, so not much will happen right away.