Why I jailbreak

This is the feedback I wrote to apple, but explains all of the apps/tweaks I use.

Hi, I am a person that is blind and have a hearing impairment. first the good. You guys have considered people with disabilities, and I'd like to commend you for that. Voiceover makes it so that I can use a smartphone. the fact that I can now use Alex on all 64-bit Phones makes it so that I can understand voiceover. this is not the case with Samantha. Mono audio is very helpful for podcast listening to make stereo stuff in mono. however, there are a few things that maybe you haven't thought of. First, HapticPro. This is an app that makes it so that you can have Haptic feedback. for me, I cannot hear the clicks when I type letters on my iPhone using Voiceover, so this app makes it so that whenever a key is pressed, the phone does a very short vibration. this way I don't have to depend on my hearing.it also vibrates for any button I press with in any app. (all of this is configurable.) another tweak is called VolumeNotifier. this makes it so that you can change the sound of the volume buttons. so if you cant hear the click, you can choose built in sounds or put your own custom sound in there. along with that, there's a vibrate setting and flashlight setting. this way I can tell when I'm changing my volume. it does a long vibrate each time I hit the volume rocker key. CustomVolumeStep is a good tweak for those of us who use sensitive IEMs, or just want more control of our volume. You have preset volumes and one setting is too low, but if you turn it up one, the next is too loud. it'd be nice to have something in the middle. this tweak let's me change the volume by an amount that I set. I have it set at 64 steps. it goes from 0 to max by hitting the volume 64 times. you can choose the number of steps it takes to go from 0 to max in this tweak. this way you don't have to use an attenuator for your headphones. You do a good thing by letting people know when their battery gets to 20% and 10%. so they know when their battery is low or critical. but what if you want to be notified when your battery reaches different percentages? enter BatteryFlowAlert: another awesome tweak. with this one, you can choose to be notified when your battery reaches different percentage levels and even set what the alert says. So I can be notified when my battery reaches 75%, 50%, 25% etc. BatteryInfo for Notification Center is another tweak that puts the status of your battery in the Notification Center. You can tell exactly how much charge the battery has, in mAh and weather or not its charging or discharging. You can tell the max charge your battery is able to receive in mAH too. BootSound is another tweak that makes a sound as your iPhone is respringing so you know before your phone boots that its booting up. This would be useful for when the phone is booting up. have a sound play early as the apple logo comes up visually on screen so that you know your phone is booting up. EqualizerEverywhere. this is one I cant live without. this makes it so I have a 10-band graphic EQ. and it works for the entire system, not just in the apple Music app. This makes it so that I am able to understand voiceover on my headphones, and able to understand the words to music/understand podcasts better. FlipControlCenter is a cool app that let's you turn things on and off from directly within the control center. Let's say you want to turn off wifi or Bluetooth, or disable something else but cant remember where it is in settings. This app makes it so I have access to many things to turn off and on direct from the control center without having to remember where it is in settings. Very useful! VirtualHome: another cool app. it uses the fingerprint reader to let you go too the app switcher and go to your home screen. after you register your finger print from within the settings of your iPhone, hold your finger on the finger print reader for a short time until it switches to the app switcher. to go home, just tap your finger on the reader. no need to press the home button. this is all done using your fingerprint. PhoneCloser: set what happens when you get an incoming or make an outgoing call. You can tell your phone to auto lock after a call comes in or not.you can set if your home button answers the call, hangs up, or switches to another call if you want. for answering, hanging up and switching calls, there are 4 settings to choose from. Hit the home button once, hit it twice, short press, or long press. you can choose when the person hangs up to go back to whatever app you were in before you went to the phone app, or to go back to the phone app itself. your choice. all configurable. TypeStatus: it'd be nice if this one could be applied to every app, but this one applies to messages. Its a tweak that let's you know when someone read your message, and let's you know when they are typing a message back to you. Both you and the person you are texting must have iPhones for this to work. You can chose to be notified while you are in messages talking to them, or choose to be notified on the lock screen. Not all of these jailbreak apps and tweaks work for 9.02 Yet (some of them are only 8.4 compatible. The audio in phone calls isn’t loud enough on headphones. would it be possible to be able to have a setting that you could turn up the volume of phone calls anymore then the max volume goes so far? also, the ringer is way too quiet when using headphones or thru the headphones port. I am unable to get the sound of the ringer to go thru the headphone port unless the phone is muted. If the phone is muted it’ll go thru the headphone port, but the sound of the ringer is very quiet. if its unmuted the ringer will not go thru the headphone port at all and only goes thru the phones speaker. Also, you know how you get Notifications on the lock screen? It'd be nice to be able to adjust how long the Notifications stay on screen for. some people may only want it on there a short time and others may want it there until they manually clear it. in closing I'd like to once again thank you for considering those with disabilities in mind. You have done great things so far. but things like EqualizerEverywhere and HapticPro make it so that I can use my phone. Without those two apps in particular i am unable to use my phone. HapticPro is a major thing for me. i don't have to ask somebody if they heard the clicks when voiceover was being used to type the password (when I reboot my phone for example) on the phone's virtual keyboard. Thank you for considering my feedback, and hope these ideas make it to iOS releases in the future. John



I haven't been jailbroken in a few months, but some of those tweaks are ones I'd never heard of. I'm sure I'll jailbreak a secondary device in the future, so thanks for cluing me in on these awesome tweaks.

I'm probably going to

I'm probably going to jailbreak my phone if there will be a jailbreak for 9.1. I would have stuck with 9.0 and jailbroken now but 9.1 fixed a lot of accessibility problems. One tweak I'm definitely grabbing when I do is forcey. Actually, it would be interesting if someone would make a tweak which would assign all of the force touch home screen shortcuts to the "actions" VoiceOver rotor feature. I might go and suggest that to force's developer. What else, I'll probably get iFile, springtomize to make my dock and folders larger, activator, and maybe iSounds if it works on 64-bit devices which I'm not sure it does.


whatTweaks have you used, and what do they do, Brook? Maybe you could give me some new ones to try.


Personally I didn't find that to do anything and nor did RevealMenu.

iOS 9.02 jailbreak

its taking a while for the apps/tweaks to be updated I've found.

Is there a tweak...

Hi. I'm not jailbroken, but one of the things I've always wanted on the iPhone is a a gesture That closes all open apps at once. Is there a tweak for that?

rad/type message status

I haven't noticed consistency but with some iPhones, i've definitely been able to read if the other party has read a message and also if they're typing.
It must have something to do with settings.

Re: closing apps

Yes, there are a few tweaks to do this. I believe activator comes with an action to do this, but I also remember I used to have one which closed apps when doing a double-tap and hold inside the app switcher. The point is, if you do a search in cydia with the default repos added, you'll find something that does what you want. There are also tweaks that let you slightly change how the app switcher works so that you will only see apps that are actually active/running, not apps that you recently opened.