Which iPod to get? 64 GB iPod Touch or 160 GB iPod Classic

I'm trying to decide which iPod to get. I need something that I can store all 46 GB of my music on, and still have some breathing room. I know that the iPod Touch is about the same in terms of accessibility as my iPhone, but how accessible is the iPod Classic? How does VoiceOver work on it vs. the iPod Touch? I may be interested in the Classic because it would allow me to store a bunch of lossless audio files in addition to all of my music. Also, does the Classic have any EQ options?


My really vaig memory says

My really vaig memory says the iPod classic doesn't have VO, but I could be wrong about this. Anyway, about lossless music, the only way you'll be able to do that is probably through iOS, because iTunes and the stock music app only supports WAV and maybe a lac. There are apps to play flac files in the app store however.

classic vs touch

Hi. The iPod classic does not have VoiceOver. It also does not run iOS. The iPod Touch has VoiceOver and does run iOS. However, applevis does have a podcast on using an iPod classic without VoiceOver that you may want to listen to. I think if you just want the iPod for music then the classic may be ok but if you also want to be able to run apps, check emails, make face time calls and brows the web, you will need an iPod Touch.

i wish

I wish there was a 160 gb iPod touch. Does anyone know if there will be such an option in the future? If not, is there a 160 gb iPad minny and if there is, how much is it? The minny would be the next smallest and portable device besides an iPhone that would have 160 gb. Thank you.

iPod sales have been

iPod sales have been continuously dropping for a while now, so I'm not sure if there will be a 6th gen iPod. Which is sad, but you never know. I'd sooner bet on there being a 128 gig iPhone, since there is already a 128 iPad Air and probably mini as well.

There is already a 128 GB

There is already a 128 GB iPhone the 5s and there is also a 128 GB iPad mini which I have.

Thanks to everyone who

Thanks to everyone who responded. Looks like I'll be going with either a 64 GB iPod touch or a 128 GB iPad Mini. I'm mainly looking for something for my music, but I'd like to have VoiceOver and iOS. How much does a 128 GB iPad Mini cost vs. a 64 GB iPod Touch?

Very Expensive

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Josh, If you're wanting a device to play just music, I'd go with a 64Gb iPod Touch. In the U.S., a 64Gb iPod Touch will cost $399, while a Wi-Fi only 128Gb iPad Mini with Retina Display will cost $799.

iPod touch vs $$$$

Hi Josh and this thread the answer is no... or not yet, regarding about if there are already an iPhone 128 Gb? the rumor was around since debut the iPhone 5S however up to day the answer is no. Josh I don't know how much media or audio do you have to saved on it. but the ipod touch has the same iOS and accessibility that you have on your iPhone. well practicly you will have the same function but differences features. but personally I will upgrate my iPhone to 64 Gb rather to get an iPod and have 2 devices.

Yeah, the iPad Mini is just

Yeah, the iPad Mini is just too expensive and too big for what I'm wanting to do, so I went to the Apple Store today and got a 64 GB iPod Touch. So far, the accessibility is just as good as it is on my iPhone, but I do notice that the processor speed seems a bit slower. One weird thing I noticed is that my iPod let me know in an alert that iOS 7.0.6 is available as an update, but I haven't gotten that message yet on my iPhone, and they're both running iOS 7.0.4. Any idea what that's about? Should I update my iPod, or should I just leave it alone?


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Hi Josh, I'm not sure why your phone hasn't alerted you about iOS 7.0.6 yet, but feel free to update both devices. You can do this in Settings> General> Software Update. As for the processor, the iPod Touch Fifth Generation has an A5 processor, while if you have anything newer than an iPhone 4S the processor is also newer and more powerful.

Itunes supports m4a, and mp3, and flac,

I just synced M4A, AAC, 256 kbps files to my families iPod classic, and some MP3 files, The iPod classic supports a lot more audio codiacs then the iPod touch, like wav, etc,

M4A Is lossless And takes up less space then MP3s the same bit-rate (Apparently) And sounds better the MP3s the same bit-rate, a 256 kbps M4A ACC, Will sound better then a 320 kbps MP3, (Apparently)