Which is the best and most accessible word processor for Mac

Hi all, Now that Mountain Lion has arrived, which is the best option for a new Mac user wanting to have the same benefits as in Microsoft Word and Jaws. I think that LibreOffice is nomore accessible, tables don't seem to work with Pages, Will I have to virtualize Windows on my new MacBook Air and avoid fully switching to Mac? The need for me to create complex documents was fully satisfied with MS Word 2003, even with 2007 and Jaws. Now, with my new Mac, it seems that I have skipped one pace backwards.


Hi. Apple's own Pages is

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Hi. Apple's own Pages is okay, but not great really. I have yet to find a good solution. So I just run Windows + MS Office on a virtual machine.

Pages and TextEdit

Hi. I'm running Mavericks which is what I started with, but I thought I'd give my impression on this one. I've not done much word processing yet on here, but I have checked out both TextEdit and Pages. It seems that TextEdit might be a bit simpler to use, because it looks like just a small word processor, think perhaps Notepad in Windows. Pages seems to be a bit more complex but I've found both programs to work great with VoiceOver.

Pages for me is the best at

Pages for me is the best at complex documents. Apart from some quirks. I'm writing my thesis using pages and it's working grate especially now that track changes is accessible.

There's also Nises writter, I can't spell it, and scrivner as well buth of which seem accesible.

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Using the latest version, I find Pages is an excellent word processor that is completely accessible with Voiceover. The added benefit is that I can easily switch between Word (using JAWS) and Pages using the Mac OS. My office is exclusively Word and I must produce, read and edit documents that are in Word. Using Pages, I can open all Word documents. Editing in Pages, I can simply save into Word format and my office can have the document in the format that is required. In fact, track changes works very well switching between Pages and Word.
I'm totally with Mary on this one (and good luck to her with her thesis).

Thanks. it's a lot of work. I

Thanks. it's a lot of work. I wish they would fix the spanning a selection to more then 1 page though. I write a thread about it which you can find here.

I did contct apple about ti and they said they woudl forward it to their developers. which si what they always say. They have not yet fixed it though and I reported this in march.