Whatsapp groups of blind ios users

Hi! I am look for whatsapp group for blind users in english or international grop. Have there thing this? I am opened group for blind speaking hebrew, and i would like if have there group for blind users, i am serching the web, but don't find info aboute this. I am thenkfol to all.


#1 Whats app groups

I don't think this exists, or at least not that I've heard of.

#2 yes friend, there is such a

yes friend, there is such a group. this group is started by Indians but there are a lot of members from other countries. this is an English speaking group.

#3 Hi

Hi! Thenk for your reply. How i can to join for this group? Thenk again.

#4 This sounnds interesting. Is

This sounnds interesting. Is there any Information about how to join? Thanks!

#5 whatsapp groupe blind users

hey friends please i want to join as well, is there any information of how to join? thanks in advance i may leave my number phone if possible

#6 Hello my friends

Can i join this WhatsApp group if it's possible? I come from Indonesia. And this is my phone numbers: +6282245669018 Thanks..

#7 WhatsApp for blind users F123 Access

Hello All,

I´m fairly new to the list, but I´ve seen your interest about WhatsApp for blind users and I´d like to invite you to test a way to access WhatsApp web on your computer through Firefox and F123.
F123 is an extension that reformats web pages to make them more accessible and usable.
To give it a try, you can visit the following page and sign-up: https://F123Access.com/intro_en
There´s also a general discussion mailing list for the F123 Access software at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/f123-access-english

Best regards,
Ana Fedrigo
F123 Access - The Internet your way!
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#8 WhatsApp group with F123 Access for English speakers

Hello everyone,

This is just a quick note to let you all know that we now have a WhatsApp group for English speakers who wish to exchange ideas, suggestions, and ask questions about F123 Access.

to join the F123 Access WhatsApp group for English speakers, please send a WhatsApp message with your name and the request to join to one of the following numbers:

+1 (416) 727-2470
+55 (43) 9917-0959

If you would like to create a F123 Access WhatsApp group for interactions in your local language, please let us know.

F123 Access - The Internet your way!
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#9 WhatsApp group for Apple users

Hi everyone as the title suggests, it is totally available just discovered this thread, if someone wants to be added kindly get in touch +61 415 104 029 is my number.

#10 Interesting, it is.

I would also like to be added. My number is +1-814-215-6867