Whatsapp always crash on ios8

I'm quite surprise that apparently nobody has this problem.
In Italy nobody can use with satisfaction Whatsapp, because it crashes with Voiceover.
It crashes when a new vocal message arrive, it crash if you are scrolling recent chats, and sometime also during new vocal message sending.

Now, I can ensure you that using Whatsapp on Ios8.02 and ios8.1beta2 is absolutely tricky.
If I switch off Voiceover, then Whatsapp become a normal app.
Have you this problem?


One of my friends is

One of my friends is suffering from the same problem, but his crashes every time the application is opened. I'm not sure if this will help; however, you can try disabling VoiceOver when opening the app and then using it. Although your problem is specific to certain features, it's worth giving it a try. You can also attempt to clear your iCloud of WhatsApp backups. Users on other web pages were suffering from various issues, and I think that one website had advised that they can do this. I also think that a YOuTube video recommended that you delete all of your conversations as well, and it was in reference to WhatsApp being difficult to use on iOS. It was recorded in the summer of this year. Hope that helps.

I'm having frequent crashes

I'm having frequent crashes as well. not all the time but often.

iPhone 5, IOS 8.02

I tried deleting and reinstalling whatsapp but it made no difference.

Crashing with iOS 8 on iPhone 5s

Hello.I have experienced the crashes you are talking about at the most random times. The thing is, it's completely inconsistent. sometimes whatsapp will work fine, sometimes it will crash every time you send a voice message, sometimes it crashes when you're just looking through your list of conversations, sometimes it's fine. Here's a helpful tip though: When you attempt to send a voice message with WhatsApp and it crashes, reopen the app, reopen the last chat, and next to the message you last tried to send, there should be a button that says, "error sending message." Click that and it will give you the option to "send again." That has been a life saver for me and my voice messages. With text messages, however, you will never be so lucky. Your best bet is to go ahead and copy your text message to the clipboard before sending it if it's very lengthy so you won't have to retype the entire thing. I want to add that I have had issues with iOS 8 and apps crashing a lot. Some of the apps I've had this happen with are twitterific, bard, and the native settings app once! WhatsApp is by far the app that crashes more than any other apps, but it is still usable if you're willing to put up with the annoying crashes.

Me too!

I'm also experiencing the very random Whatsapp crashes. I'm running an iPhone 5 and IOS 8.02 like a poster above. I haven't re-installed but now that I know that it will make no difference, I won't Good luck to all.

the same using an iPhone 6

Hi there,
I am experiencing exactly the same here, ios 8.02 and iPhone 6. I contacted Whatsapp team and they answered he had receibed simmilar reports from voiceover users.

Deleting all your chat history may help, but it doesn't solve the problem definitely.
Please, post here any workaround :)

thank you

thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
as I imagine, Whatsapp continue crash on my device also if I deleted all chats and disabled backups.
I think it is a more complex problem, and I hope that next versions of Whatsapp will fix this, since use it now is really frustrating.
Unfortunately, I didn't find an app so simple and easy to manage voice and messages like Whatsapp.

Same here...crazy!

Hi Simone and all, I too am from Italy. I'm experiencing the same problem.
What's more, sometimes Whatsapp will crash while I'm sending a message. When I reopen it, the message is not there, so I obviously suppose it has not been sent and retype it. But then people tell me that I've sent the same text twice! Still, the text is not there. I've asked a sighted person and it isn't on the screen either.
What an anoying bug! I hope that since so many of us are experiencing this, it may get solved soon. Not sure though whether it's the Whatsapp team or Apple who can solve it.

Contacting the What's app team

I mentioned this a couple days ago, but received no response. Has anyone else who had the problem contacted whats app's team and let them know the crashes are happening? They need to know about this.

Am thinking it could be ios8

Hi guys, I have this feeling that it could be ios8, coz I have other apps crashing too. Although whatsapp defo crashes a lot more, other apps such as Facebook and Twitter crash at times too. Plus my sibling doesn't use vo and they don't have this problem. Ios8.1 is being released tomorrow, so hopefully it will become clearer what the problem is :)

Khafsa :)

A friend of mine has sent

A friend of mine has sent them a message explaining the issue, but I don't think he's heard anything. I agree, though, the release of iOS 8.1 may solve the problem. Let's hope that happens.

I have contacted

Good morning,
As I wrote on another topic, I contacted Whatsapp team two weeks ago, and they, aparently, know about this issue. Unfortunately, I tested a beta of future whatsapp, and the crashes are still here. It is something only happens using vioceover and whatsapp togetter, so, maybe, it's not on the top of their list .

Same here!

even I'm facing the same problems while using the whatsapp with iOS8.0.2 on iPhone6+.
Hope they will fix these bugs soon

me to

Whatsapp crashes on my iPhone when I click the favourites button, or any other button other than recent chats. It also chrashes when scrolling trough the list of recent chats, and some times also when sending messages, it chrashes and when I sent the same message again, I've sent it twice without knowing it. This is really horrible as I use whatsapp dayly.

Whatsapp petition?

it is not my intention to force the hand or in any way obligate the staff of Applevis.
But I remember that in the past were prepared species of petitions, which were then sent to the developers of the app to try to improve accessibility.
I do not know if this is the case, however, well, I think Whatsapp is the most used app-level messaging, and it is a month that we are having enormous difficulties in its use.
Do you think it is appropriate to carry out such an action or am I overreacting?

let me know!

Whatsapp crushing

Well well, same here. Whatsapp just need to be considerate of their blind users and start making sure that we have a fully functional app.

not crashing for me

How old are your devices where the app is crashing? Aside from it crashing once or twice, it hasn't really crashed for me. Its gotten a lot better after the update.

I don't think a petition is necessary

Hi. This is up to the whats app developers to fix, a petition is not necessary. The app is accessible enough, it just behaves badly under iOS 8.1. and hopefully, they will fix it soon. That's really all we can do.

Facing the issue and it's

Facing the issue and it's extremely annoying to say the least. However, the new feature in the latest update where it reads weather recipient has received / read the msg is appreciated.
I have sent an email to WhatsApp. Please encourage as many people as possible to report to WhatsApp. Hope it's Resolved soon enough!

Iphone 5C

In reply to Usman, I use Iphone 5C and the problem with Whatsapp is very annoying. I did contact them, they assured me that they are aware of the issue and hope to solve it in one of the next releases.