What's the best Daisy app?

Hi guys! I just wondered what the best app for playing daisy-books is at the moment? I havent tryed any daisy-book-players yet, but i have a lot of daisy books witch i would want to be able to listen to on my iPhone 5. Any tips or suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


#1 audible

Have you tryed audible? audible is a app that will play audiobooks.

#2 not audible, daisy books

Audible does not play daisy books. There are three daisy players I know of. Lamentably, I have only tried one. Bookshare's read2go. I cannot reccommend this app. While reading, the voice doesn't finish sentences, snippiing the last half of the last syllable in each sentence. I have reported this to bookshare and have received no comment. I cannot reccomend this application to anyone, and I have ceased using my iPhone for daisy for this purpose. There are also two other apps I know of, inDaisy and daisy worm. I unfortunately cannot tell you about these, because I counted on read2go working. Then I upgraded to the next version and the entire thing became much less useful.

#3 Don't seem like you can import books into Daisy worm...

Thanks for your response! Good to know a little bit about the downsides to Read2Go. I was considering buying it, but it seems a bit expensive, and now that I know that it doesn't work properly, I probably pass on that one... InDaisy doesn't exist in the norwegian appstore that I use, and Daisy Worm don't seem to be able to import books from i.e. iTunes, so I'm really not sure if I can use it... I get my daisy books as a zip-file from nlb.no, wich is the norwegian audio- and braille-library, and I'm not sure if I can use those books in Daisy Worm... But maybe they will work with Read2Go, because it is real audio in mp3-files, and not e-books, wich I suppose you would use TTS to read..? How does that work, by the way? Are e-books converted to daisy-books and converted to mp3's? Well, at the moment, I would like to be able to listen to real audio-daisy's and then I need a app that supports some way of transfering either the zipped file or the extracted content of it from my computer to my iPhone. Or maybe there's an app that somehow supports that I can download the zip-file right down to my iPhone, so I wont have to go by the step of using my computer to extract it and then import it? Any help or good suggestions are appreciated!

#4 Worm

The "worm is not bad. You can transfer books from your iTunes library. You just have to zip them before transferring them. The app will unzip them and read them whith whichever tts they are using. Read-to-go is another story. You can read all the "Bookshare" books on it. If you don't need them, ther's no point buying the app. I am a "Bookshare" member so I need the app. I have them both on my phone. I also have "Blio" "Nook" and "kindle." The latter is inaccessible but I am waiting for a favorable update... Good luck. Maria.

#5 read to go daisy books

HI. I am not experiencing read to go cutting off sentences when reading ebooks. I tend to read ebooks with voice over more than the voices that come with read to go though. Read to go does play audio daisey books. Just use iTunes to import a zipped audio daisy book in to read to go. It is also possible to add books to the iPhone with daisy worm using the same method. If you need the steps outlined to do this, give me a shout. I can't comment about in daisy because it's not available in the australian app store. I hope this helps somewhat.

#6 Best app

Best app is also the most expensive. It is Voice of DAISY. Voice Dream is a great app that is optimized for text to speech. It will read DAISY audio books just fine but only at the first DAISY level. If you could only have one app for a combination of purposes, Voice Dream reader is for you. Read 2 Go is the bookstore app. It is also optimized for text to speech. For DAISY Audio books it is rather clunky and $20.00 USD. Voice of DAISY is optimized for DAISY audiobooks. At $26 USD, it is easily worth the extra money for easier navigability. Works well with Voice over. Voice of DAISY also happens to be the best Android app but DAISY Reader is free and also a decent app.