What iPhone does everyone currently have?

Hi all,
Curious question: what iPhone does everyone currently have?


iPhone 8

My 64GB iPhone 8 is still serving me well. It's blazing fast, can run everything I throw at it and its speakers are amazing. And did I mention wireless charging?

iPhone 11

Hello. I have the iPhone 11 and love it. Can easily get over a day from the battery unless you use it a lot like watching youtube and stuff like that. I started off on an iPhone 4, then 5, 5S, 6 plus, 6S plus, then went to an 8 Plus then the 11. The 11 has been the best so far.

Iphone 6

The above is what I have.

iPhone 8+

I’ve had the iPhone 8-+ for almost two years. I’ll probably get a new one later this year but for now it still works fine.


I have an IPhone 6S. 32GB
its my first ever IPhone, got it in may 2019.
will continue to use it for a few years probably.


IPhone 6S 32 gb

iPhone 11

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I have an iPhone 11 128GB. Best iPhone I’ve owned to date. Great speaker and best battery of any model I’ve owned. I had 4S, 5C, 6S, and 8 before.

iPhone XS Max

The 64GB model, great battery. And I plan to keep it as Long as it works, since the next one won't have 3D Touch. Am I the only one who uses 3D Touch with Voiceover?

3D Touch

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Each users experience is different. I hated 3D touch, pressure differences were too finicky for me. I do love the new contextual menus. Much faster in my opinion.


I have the Xr and love it. First started out with a 4s, 5S, 6s, and now the XR.


Hello currently and the iPhone XS max 256 gig I started out with the four, five, six, the 6S plus and the iPhone 7 plus the 10 S max is the current One that I am at the moment and probably getting whatever comes out either this time or next year

iPhone XS

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I had the iPhone XS for 2 years and it's good to me. I love it.

Current iPhone

I originally started with the iPhone 4S 32gb, then over the years, upgraded to the 6+ 64gb, then the 8+ 64gb and upgraded to the iPhone 11 256gb this year and loving it. Still kind of miss Touch ID but have gotten quickly use to Face ID.

7 128GB

I like my iPhone 7 and find it and the 128GB of storage suits my needs. I plan on keeping it until Apple drops it from support. That's not stopping my lust for a shiny new phone, but until I need to change, I won't .

Need all of your opinion interns of usage

Hi, currently using iPhone 7
But i m planning to upgrade on new iphone, as many of us are using iphone10 or later
But also many amongs us still on iphone 8 and 8+ or older
Those who are using 10 or later, did they feel any difficulty having a phone without a homebutton
Did you facing trouble during switching multiple apps to home screen, or pulling Notification Center and control center, through swipe gestures.
Did you face any difficulty using face ID replace by touch ID? Does faceID works perfectly for blind users? Does swiping jestures works perfectly in any situations? Weather iphone gets freeze or getting hang because of IOS OS or its apps may become buggy.
Does all above mentioning scenarios, isn’t iPhones without homebutton are perfect pick? Or its need still improvements for VoiceOver users.
And those who still using iPhones with homebutton they still stuck with homebutton based iphones?

I have the IPhone 11 pro.

I miss the home button but I got used to the gestures to unlock the phone, and go to the app switcher.

iPhone 6S

I currently have the iPhone 6S, and it has suited me fine. However it does look as if iOS 13 is the end of its journey. So hoping this year to get a 7 or 8. Not quite ready for the most recent models yet.

iPhone XS

It is easy to use without the home button. I have over 200 of memory because I have all my music in my phone instead of iCloud. Yes to your all question. face ID is OK, Giving a choice with iPhone 2020 it will be nice if apple bring back finger print. Rumors state they may. Hoping.

iPhone 7

For me, I have an iPhone 7. I've had it for 4 years, however, I'm planning to upgrade to a newer iPhone with larger storage space. I'm still deciding on which one to get, since their are so many options. I no longer need touch ID, or 3d touch, since I already played with a family membors iPhone xr and love it very much, especially the VoiceOver gestures to go home, as well as launching control center/notification center. that may be the phone I'll go with, but I'm unsure.

iPhone 11 Pro

I currently have the iPhone 11 pro and love it. I started with the 4, followed by the 5, 6, 7, and from there to the 11 pro. I wasn't able to successfully set up Face ID so I decided to use a pass code. It's a personal choice. I don't miss the home button at all and it didn't take me very long to adapt to the new gestures.

Re: iPhone 11 Pro

Hi david,
When you got your iPhone 11 pro, did you payed it monthly with your cell phone service provider? I can tell the phone is very expensive if you pay it in full verses paying it monthly. also, about the camera, what does the camera bump on the back look like? and regarding it's overall sise/performance, is it very good compared to the 7? I haven't scene the 11 pro in person, only on the website.

iphone xr

Hello everyone!
Hello everyone! At the moment, I own the iphone Xr 128gb, and I wait for the new iphone, probably in september, to change it! For the moment, mine is working perfectly! TTYS Carine from france

Powerful iPhone 7

Hello all. I have the iPhone Seven and it is my first truly accessible smartphone. I got it on April 30 of 2018, and have never looked back. I'm still learning, but I honestly don't know what I'd do or where I'd be without it. It has 32 gigabytes of memory, which I think might be on the lower end of the spectrum but it's good enough for me at this time. Not quite sure how to go about upgrading the memory, but if and when I have to do that I'm sure somebody will help me out. The sound quality is very good, and VoiceOver and Siri work well on it. I do have some 3rd-party apps on it, and am finding them to be excellent.

Enjoy the IPhone 7.

I had that phone for a couple years and it's awesome!

The 11 pro, the phone I have now; has two speakers and a longer battery life but apart from that, for me at least, it's the same as the 7. Oh, apart from the lack of a home button or home senser and yes, I miss the home button/senser thing but I've gotten used to this way of doing things.

iPhone XR review

I wish someone could post a review of the XR from a VoiceOvers perspective.
I know that their are sited reviews online, but no reviews from a blindness perspective. accept for the Xs Max, but not the XR. however, I have already felt the XR in person, and only played with it a little bit, but not all that much, as it was one of my family membors iPhone XR.

I've got the iPhone X and am

I've got the iPhone X and am waiting till september. Think of the XR as an iPhone XS but without the Oled display and slightly larger since the display is 6.1 inches instead of 5.8. Honestly from a VO perspective newer is usually better. The Iphone 12 looks great and will wait till september announcement.

About iPhone

Hello again I know I said in a previous first I said of what I was using and I said I might get whatever comes out the reason I do that is because somebody in my family usually needs a phone so I gave them my phone which is already paid off then they don’t have to worry about the payment then I just restart paying on the new iPhone and I get

11 pro

I purchased my 11 pro outright and I am on a byo plan with my carrier. As Brad mentioned, the battery life is much better than the 7. You can definitely tell there are 3 cameras because you can feel them quite easily. The pro has a 5.8 inch display, compared to the iPhone 11's 6.1 inch display. I originally wasn't planning on upgrading but my niece was in need of another phone and I could afford to upgrade.


OK. yeah, I know the 5.8 inch display is cool, but the 6.1 inch LCD display is easy to touch. plus with the XR it has a simgle camera, compared to the 3 cameras on the pro model. Also, my aunt has the iPad pro, and the display is exactly the same as the iPhone XR. it even has the same a12 bionic chipset, and the stereo speakers are much wider, especialy when listening to VoiceOver speech. question is: do I still need a screen protecter regardless? just curious.

iPhone 11 pro

Well I am going to Verizon and trade my iPhone XS and get it. Yes a screen protectorbe good. The sad thing is that in October of last year I got a apple smart case for my XS and will not be able to use it.

11 pro

I got it. It is big. Nice so far. Just adding pass words and so on. I have to add my cards in wallet.

I'll be going with the iPhone XR

Hi all,

after reading a bunch of reviews on the verious kinds of phones,for me, I have decided to go with the iPhone XR. I love the overall design of the XR, and the overall performance with the A12 bionic chip. It's super fast. I have a friend who has the XR, as well as a family membor of mine who also has an iPhone XR, and after playing around with his, it scemes to be very fast and very usable with VoiceOver.
Sure, I'll lose access to both the home button and 3D touch, in favor of haptic touch, but I'll adapt to it very quickly. the A13 on the newer phones basically takes the performance a little further, so I won't notice any difference in turms of performance.
The design of the XR is exactly the same as the iPad pro, so their's no difference their in turms of the overall design. Both of them include a 6.1 inch LCD display, which is very good.

Also, the newer phones come with mor camera enhancements for better photo taking, but I don't need all of the extra camera features, I'm fine with the single camera.
As far as storage options goe, I have decided to go with either the 64GB or 128GB. I'm not a game person, and I also don't take photos, so I mainly use my current phone for audio related stuff, and some video recording.
Three features I'm actually looking forward to are face ID, wireless charging, and stereo recording in videos. the iPhone 7 lax those features, so I'm looking forward in trying them out when I get my hands on an iPhone XR for myself.

Thanks again for all of your help.

128 Gig

If you store movies, audiobooks, music and more, I would advise more storage due to the size of all those files.


When I went to verizon, I was planning to get 250 memory for the 11 pro, but the guy in the store stated for me that be to much. Even so, I have over 4000 songs but 64 was more than I needed.

for me, I have 46 songs

For me, I have 46 songs, so the 128GB is the perfect storage option.
Unfortunately, apple stopped celling the 256GB, so the 64 or 128GB are the only available storage options they have.
Plus, the phone came out over 2 years ago, and the iPhone 11, unlike previous iPhones apple has launched in the past, just started, so the current phones now are way too expensive and way out of my budget,, so going with the XR is much lower, and since I'm with T-Mobile, I only pay $25.00/month.

iPhone 11

I have the iPhone 11
I previously had an iPhone 4 and an iPhone SE
I was initially intending to get an iPhone 8 as I was used to smaller phones and wasn’t so sure about the lack of the home button or Face ID
However after having a play around with the XR at the apple store. It was a week before the 11 launch date I decided to go with the 11 instead of the 8
. I still miss Touch ID a little as I find I have to input my passcode in more than I did with Touch ID. But the lack of a home button and having Face ID wasn’t nearly as daunting as I thought it was going to be and I love the better battery. I can get a good couple of days out of the phone. Less if I need to use sat nav. But I can find my location with out the battery dying on me before I’ve got to my destination.
Really don’t regret going for the 11 and wouldn’t go back.

I'm switching to android.

I did have the 11 pro but am going to switch to android.

I feel that I can pay a lot less or perhaps a little, depending on what phone I go for, and haven't noticed any difference between the 7 and the 11 spead wise and miss the home button.

I could go back to the 7 but would be moving to android after that anyway so thought, why not do it now.

I'll miss applevis but I don't like what apple is doing with its phones these days.

scemes like everyones got different iphones

From viewing all of the comments, it scemes like everyones got different iPhones, it just depends on everyones personal preference.
As stated before, I still have my iPhone 7, which I've had for 4 years and still works. however, I'm going to go with the XR, since it's my prefered iphone, for speed, battery life, and performance.
Why, you may ask? well, here are three reasons:
First, battery. the iPhone xr has a 2942 mAh battery, compared to the 1960 mAh battery on the 7, , even though I've got the battery replaced last year. the xr and the 11 both have a 6.1 inch LCD screen. I don't care about the camera, though, since I don't take photos.
Next, storage and price. previously, when launched, the xr was $749 for the 64GB and $799 for the 128GB. both options are still available, however, the price has dropped to $599, which is $600. unfortunately, apple has stopped celling the 256GB model, so the only option is either 64GB or 128GB.
Lastly, performance. both phones come with different processers, the XR includes the A12 bionic chip, whereas the 11 includes the A13 bionic chip. in either case, both processers deliver excellent performance, it all depends on what you're using it for during the day.
sure, everyone has their own different opinions on what iPhones they each have, but it all comes down to what option works best. for me, it's the XR, for it's speed, battery life, and performance.
Even though it came out 2 years ago, it's still a good phone with many updates for many years to come.

I'm back.

Android totally wasn't for me, I'm going back tomorrow to get an Iphone.

I liked android because you can customise it but typing on it was way to time consuming for me and I can't be bothered to type something in 20 minutes that would take me 5 using an Iphone.

so applevis, I'm back.

I didn't.

But honestly, I prefer the IPhones way of doing things when it comes to navigating the internet.

the guy on The Blindly Switching Podcast said that the way android does it is better and faster but I disagree. With IPhone you can find headings, for example; flick down, read the heading you want then flick right to read the rest of the page.

with android, you flick down until you hear headings, then you flick right, read the heading you want, then you have to flick up to default, then you can flick right again.

That's just with Talkback, with Voice assistant, you do a similar thing but with two fingers to find headings, I think.

When I get my first iPhone

When I get my first iPhone (which will be the iPhone 12 6.1 inch when that comes out later on in the year), I'll be keeping my S10E in Pink alongside with me as I use both platforms (currently using an IPad Mini 5th gen on the Apple side of things.)

Good Android devices to start off with, include ones from Google (particularly the Pixel A Line of phones), Nokia, Motorola, and One Plus.
Do to how the interfaces of Samsung, LG and Sony phones work, I would only try out one of those once ya gotten more familiar with Android in general.

Thanks but I'll be sticking to IPhone.

I don't want to spend money on a phone I can't use so will be sticking to IPhone, messing with settings is nice but having everything just work is better for me.

iPhone 12 and Android OEMs

I'm stoked for the iPhone 12 and I'll be saving extra to buy an Apple Watch at the same time. I'll be keeping my s9 only as a backup in case Discord decides to regress on their iOS accessibility progress. I've been very disappointed with Google for some time now.

Regarding your suggestion for good Android OEMs, I had a really awful experience with OnePlus. A lot of basic stuff on the 5t simply was not accessible... like the dialer app. I've had good runs with Samsung, Moto, and Pixel but now I'm tired of bouncing between hardware vendors. I just want a phone that works out of the box and has company and community support that I can actually use.