What is everyone most looking forward to from tomorrow’s Apple event?

what is every one looking too for the apple event the most tommorow?



When iOS 13 is coming out and about watch 5. I am interested in getting the watch next year. I have the watch 3. iOS 13 GM and iOS 13.1 will be confusing to people. I heard from many sources iOS 13.1 has more bugs than a hotel.

want to see the apple arcade

want to see the apple arcade thing. and how's it goes
because the IPhone is the same of the 10S and 10 S max and 10 R
no breakthrough thing

Dull dull dull

From all reports, there will be absolutely nothing interesting today at the apple event. Year on year they've put out more expensive and pointless phones with tiny iterations to the watch. It seems to take at least three years between notable innovation now and, in my view, it's because Cook has decided that Apple is now a service company.

Saying all this, I'm still happy with my iPhone 7, aside from the rubbish battery. They've got an iPhone in billions of people's pockets, now they want to put content on them as the next stream of revenue.

Fingers crossed for the spring and an update to the SE with a manageable screen and a good battery. I'm not going to pay £1,000+ for a phone that, for us blind folk, is pretty much the same as a phone of a third of the price.

Let's play the hyperbole drinking game instead. Man, they love their hyperbole.

Apple Event

When IOS 13 is coming out. Heard rumors that it might be released today but I highly doubt it. Whenever Apple has an event they release any updates to IOS at least a week later.


I thought they used to say: Available today, during these events for IOS. If anything it needs to be out ahead of the delivery of the devices which will come preloaded with the new software.

I don't really care about the

I don't really care about the new phones, but I get the feeling that there might be something unexpected that will fly under the radar but end up being really huge, kind of like the air pods. Maybe the rumored item trackers.

Wireless charging

One of the reasons I'm not more into Apple, is because of the five chargers for this many phones, two watches. Airpods. So if it comes out I might buy that. I will not trust any third party accessories since two phones blew up, and one charger I knew of caught fire. How about now on that. But let's see what they do.


Personally, I'd love to see the newly-innovated Airpod with noise cancellation and volume control. I really love seamless integration of apple ecosystem. The reason I do not purchase Airpod at the moment due to the lack of volume control and its heavy dependence on Siri. I wish that the IOS13 will come out today as I love to see the new feature of voiceover.

ios 13

hope we hear about ios. 13
can't wait 2 hear the applevis podcast & read the blog post 4 the event coverage!
and also can't wait 2 hear your podcast & read your blog post about accessibility-related ios. 13 bugs & features


Well. It was OK. Nothing new it seeing that the new iPhone focus more on Video, and taking pictures. Future iPhone will do more of this and will include vertual reality images in pictures and video where we can not use. Within years to come that will be what apple does. Those of us who have no sight will be left behind.


"Year on year they've put out more expensive and pointless phones with tiny iterations"

well, they just put out a cheaper phone, and it's not bad. you all know my opinion about the xr, i said it was a seriously stripped down phone and i didn't like to pay premium price for a stripped down entry level product, iphone 11 is much better. the camera got serious upgrade, and it's not too stripped down, either...and it's cheaper. that is if you really need a new phone now, otherwise wait for 5g. why buy something that will become partially obsolete in one year, right?

Re A13 chip

Sorry, I was joking. 13 is a notoriously unlucky cursed number, I'm sure this chip won't enslave us.

Yes, glad that they've changed the pricing structure a little. I think, as anticipated, it was a wholy underwhelming afair. Again, as another poster said, it was very vision centric with an awlays on screen and new fancy cameras. Very nice to hear the battery improvement but it feels like the only reason I'd upgrade from my seven to the 11 pro and I'd not be using half of its power.

The drop in the iphone 8 price might induce me to upgrade to that instead, still, I'm hoping for the SE update in the spring. It's a hard one.

Apple TV+

Also, even at 4.99, apple TV+ is over priced, espeically when you consider the breth of content on either netflix or amazon for not a great deal more. I guess it's more a direct competition to disney+.

Tim did mention films, I'm assuming that apple TV+ is indeed an originals only service?

A13 chip

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Perhaps they will rename the A13 chip Skynet? :)


Well this is a visual world and technology in the future will focus on that. Hope they do not forget about us. Is anyone working on a virus that will eliminate sighted people? If so, let me know so I can start ruling the world.

The gap may widen but it

The gap may widen but it always closes again. Just remember the advent of touch screens --Seemingly devices impossible for blind people to use, now we use them every day. Audio was also covered here, for example with the new sound field virtual system of apples as well as the inclusion of dolby atmos... Though what a codec designed for cinematic sound through a minimum of eight speakers is doing on a screen of six inches, I have no idea... Anyone know?

Finally Being Able to Take Pictures

Not really looking forward to much, since I missed the live event today. But one thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to take pictures on my phone with the enhancements to VoiceOver. I'm sticking with my iPhone 7 since I only got it last year, and it's working great for me.

3D touch

Dear Everyone!
After the apple event was over, I am said to see 3D touch disappear. I love this feature due to its intuitiveness. I really don't know why the 3D Touch was abandoned.

Agreed Re 3d Touch

Yeah, its now long press which, though not too much of a problem for us voiceover users, isn't quite as user friendly with the double tap and hold.