What do you think of the iPhone XR?

Hi all,

I wonder if you have any comments about the iPhone XR? I am thinking about buying one of these iPhones and have read some opposing comments about the model on the internet. Most of these comments are from sighted people who criticise the LCD screen. However, as a blind individual, my logic is that this doesn't matter.

So, some views would be appreciated.



iPhone XR

So far mine is great. Same processor as the XS and a fantastic battery.

Agree with the previous comment

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I have had mine since the day it came out and love it. It is my favorite iPhone thus far, and I've been using an iPhone since the 3GS. It is, in my humble opinion, sports the best battery of any iPhone I have used.

A lot like the 6S Plus

Which is the phone I upgraded from. Battery life is indeed good, and the phone is in fact faster. Apps that took time to load before on my 6S Plus now open much quicker. I don't really notice a difference in touch screen response, but the new dual speakers are certainly nice. You can record in stereo now, but I haven't tried it just yet and apparently for reasons, you can only do so with the camera which seems like wasted potential. Face ID and lack of a home button works well, but does take a bit of getting used to. I will say it's super nice not to have to find the status bar, then swipe up or down with three fingers to open the control center or notifications.


the xr is a stripped down device. i don't like to pay premium price for a stripped down entry level product, but that's just me. but seriously, why do you want to upgrade now? unless you are getting a deep discount, new iphones are just around the corner. apple is under tremendous competitive pressure, they might come out with much better phones and/or much lower prices. and if you can hold out just a bit longer, 5g is coming, that might make you feel left behind.

Comments on iPhone XR

I just updated from an iPhone 6 to the XR and am more pleased than I thought I would be.

First of all, the phone is incredibly fast and responsive. I barely have to wait at all for apps to open, or actions to be taken.

Secondly, as people have pointed out, the battery incredible. I can often be reading newspaper articles with VoiceOver through the internal speaker for more than half an hour and the battery will still be at 100%. Similarly, when exercising and playing podcast through my bluetooth speaker for about 2 hours, the baterry only drains by 1 percent.

Face ID works seamlessly and very quickly. I thought I would miss the home button, but now don't miss it at all. In fact some of the new gestures to bring up the Control Ceneter, App Changer, etc. are much more efficient and easier to use than the home button.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this phone. Since I have no useable vision, I don't care if it has an LCD screen or and OLED screen. The guts of the XR are mostly the same as the XS (including the same processor), except for the fact that there is a bit less RAM (which I am guessing is only important for gamers and perhaps those using AR capabilities).

Anyway, go for it!


Other than the screen you can

Other than the screen you can't see what is so stripped down? Saving 200 and even more if you want bigger storage the XR is a great phone. I like the premium phones and I feel the XR lives up to my demands.