What are your favorite free games in 2016 so far?

Hello to all,
I wanted to ask what are some of your favorite games that are free. If you have any, please post a comment below. Thanks.

Also, I may gea different iPad, like an iPad Air, to download iOS 10 on and use the Swift Playgrounds app to create some accessible games if it is possible.


#1 Time crest

Try timecrest

#2 Nice

Nice, any more favorites? Keep em' coming.

#3 Diced and One Foundation

Diced is a game where you either make five of a kind or straights of one to five or two to six. Very simple but challenging. Play this a lot.

One Foundation is a solidaire game where you have to always play one higher or lower than the card seen on the foundation. Love this one. too.

Notes: First, you must turn on hints for this game to work properly.

Swiping the board with one finger starting at the upper lefthand corner is not the most efficient way to play this game. Find the foundation card, which is located below the actual game board. Make this your starting point and everything else will be accessible by swiping to the left.


#4 Thanks for the clear descriptions the games sound fun

Good descriptions. Sounds like those games are fun to play.

#5 Try bamdlab

Try bamdlab

#6 Never heard of that

Never heard of that game. Is it fun?

#7 Not really

Not really accessible. Or maybe it's just me, I don't know how it works.