What alternatives to the native iOS Mail app do people recommend?


I currently use the iOS mail app on my iPhone, but am looking for other options. Which mail apps does everyone recommend? I have a GMail account, and the iOS mail app does not support push notifications.

Thanks everyone!


Email client for iOS

Google’s Gmail app and Microsoft outlook app seem to both work pretty good and are pretty accessible.

I read on another post on

I read on another post on Applevis that the GMail app has some accessibility issues, particularly when trying to edit text fields. Are these issues still present?

The only alternative I've

The only alternative I've ever used for any time was Outlook.

Accessibility-wise it was good, but I don't know about notifications.

Gmail for me

Gmail for me. very easy to use. totally accessible.

you can stay with Apple mail app

Hi!! You can stay with Apple's mail app. True it doesn't support push notifications, but it can still get notifications. I use Gmail in the app too. Go to settings, passwords and accounts. Go to fetch new data push. This alternative is called fetching since Gmail and Apple mail app don't play nice with notifications. Then, you need to go to settings, mail. Go down till you find a setting that says fetch new data, and click on that. From there, it'll give you a few options to choose from: manually, (where you go get it by opening the app, which if I'm interpeting your post correctly, it seems to be set on that setting), automatic, (this is what I have it set on and I get notifications in my notifications center), every 15 Min. and every hour. I think there's 1 or 2 more options but I can't be sure on that. I got this when I updated to Ios. 11 or 10 if I'm not mistaken. I think it was Ios. 11. Go to those settings and change them. And if you still want to change clients, then feel free to do so. But, at least try those settings I mentioned.


I use Microsoft OutLook. In the native mail app I've a list of V. I. P. People set up. OutLook will give me a notification from the people on the VIP list. I really enjoy using the VIP list and I find it's much easier to reply to messages with OutLook! It's easier for me to attach a file using OutLook! I check my unimportamt messages on my own time!

I'm sure you'll find an app that works for you! Have a great day!