wemo smart plug help

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hi so this kind of a hardware question but also could be an app question so I was wondering if when you plug the TV into the WeMo smart plug can you change the inputs on the TV as well as turn the TV on or off


#1 WeMo Plug

The plug simply turns things on or off. The device you're connecting must have a mechanical on/off switch and must always be switched on. The WeMo app only lets you turn the plug on or off.

If your TV can be switched on via a switch, connect the plug to the wall and the power cord for the TV to the plug and make sure the TV is physically switched on. When you turn the plug on or off via the iOS app, your TV will power on and off. You cannot change inputs this way. You would need a TV that could either be controlled by an iOS app or a TV with a screen reader to do it yourself.

#2 WeMo smart plug

I recently setup a Vizio TV for a friend and we discovered it has a built in screen reader. After his TV was setup with all the devices, we named each input corresponding to what was hooked up. When he arrows through the inputs with the remote, it will voice for example, Roku, Blu-Ray. He now has a fully accessible TV. There may be other brands that have this feature, but I can only speak about Vizio.

#3 yeah our TVs a Sony TV and I

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yeah our TVs a Sony TV and I don’t think it has any accessibility but I could be wrong