Weather Gods Notification Problems (again)

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Hi Everybody,

Sorry to report that we seem to be back with gremlins in our notification system. I have finished checking our side and am now convinced the problem is with IBM. The problem manifests itself with duplicates.

I have raised a severity 2 ticket but unfortunately these things take time to track down and fix.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



#1 Thought it was just me

Hi Scott, thanks for the explanation. I was starting to wonder about why I was getting duplicates.

#2 So Sorry

Thank you Scott for the heads-up. Hopefully your app won't have to be discontinued. I've heard good things about IBM, but I guess it's not all true. I just de-activated all my notifications, and just have the severe weather alerts now. So sorry this has been happening to such a great app.

#3 Not Here

Just in case it means something, I am not getting duplicate notifications. My next day forecast arrived only once.

Sorry Big Blue is being a big pain again.

#4 o no not again

O no! Not again!
I'm with Ekaj in hoping your app won't have 2 be discontinued. Hope you get it all sorted out.
will that addect the beta? will I have to be re accepted?

#5 Same here - duplicates

I was just going to report this problem but looks like you caught it.

Using and iPhone XR.


#6 Rather too many than none at all!

Hi Scott,

Hopefully, IBM will get the problem ironed out for good this time.

In the meantime, I would rather be getting duplicates than no notifications at all. Smiley

#7 No Update

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Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback and support - yes, I agree Kris, better some than none.

I have spoken with IBM and they are a little perplexed, this one isn't at all obvious.

It would be good to know please if everyone who is affected is a beta tester for Weather Gods?

I'm off on a business trip shortly until Thursday, so there might not be much change - although I will try and keep the forum updated.


#8 I Spoke Too Soon

This morning, I received duplicate notifications of today's weather.

I am running the current beta on an iPhone 7 running the most recent version of iOS 12.

#9 Nto me

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Mine came across just fine. There were no duplicates.

#10 Not a Beta tester for Weather gods

Hi Scott,

No, I am not a beta tester for Weather Gods. Just a very satisfied user.

Best of luck on your business trip and with getting IBM to fix the notifications.

#11 Not a Beta tester for Weather gods

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Thanks Kris, it was a long shot thinking it might be related to our last beta.

At least I can rule that out.

#12 No duplicates

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Thanks sockhopsinger - good to know.

Can you let me know should they start to arrive please.

#13 Not a beta tester but seeing duplicates

I am not running a beta of Weather Gods and am seeing duplicates.


#14 Yes

Can confirm I have been having duplicate live UV and morning/evening summary notifications for the same location for the past two weeks or so. Doesn’t really bother me but there is a voice-over focus bug which manifests itself when there are 2 notifications in quick succession so look forward to it being fixed.
PS I am not a beta tester.

#15 Still NO Duplicates

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Weather Gods are smiling on me. Still no duplicates.

#16 Still no news

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Thanks Peter, Chris R and sockhopsinger for the updates.

IBM working on the problem apparently but don't know what might be the cause.

#17 Re: Still no news

Maybe IBM needs to get Watson working on this problem!

seriously, too bad there have been so many issues with IBM. One would think they have more robust systems in place. Anyway, good luck in getting this nailed down. fortunately, it's not the worst problem in the world - Better than *no* notifications!


#18 I'm a Beta Tester

Hi Scott and all. I am one of your beta testers, and I've been getting duplicate notifications too. But as others have said, this is certainly better than none at all. I guess this whole thing is like those VoiceOver general bugs: some people experience them but not everyone and they just pop up in random places to random people. Ah well, there are far worse things in life. Your app could've been totally inaccessible for us, but it's not like that at all. Best of luck on your business trip.

#19 WG

Well I got my regular notification for sunset and did not get any copies. Using iOS 12.3.1 and iPhone XX. I do not believe that I am getting any. I will check tomorrow. Hope WG will be working with iOS 13 and OS 6. Long live the apple.

#20 Notification

Yes. I have been getting duplicate notifications as well. Not a beta tester. Better to have the notifications then nothing at all. Thanks for a great app.

#21 My Notifications are back to normal

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer receiving duplicate notifications. All systems are normal.

Maybe IBM found the problem?

Thanks again for developing such a great app.

#22 Back to normal ?

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Hi All,

Thanks for the updates - much appreciated.

Like Kris, I have passed two scheduled runs without duplicates, so maybe it has been fixed.

Fingers crossed.

#23 Update from IBM

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Hi All,

IBM have notified me that they are filtering any duplicates before sending them.

They are still investigating the cause of the duplicates.

#24 No Duplicates Lately

Hi Scott, just wanted to let you know that I haven't had duplicates for the past 2 days. I'm hoping they fix the problem, but their filtering seems to be working for now.

#25 No Duplicates Lately

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Thanks MelodicFate.

The IBM duplicate filter is still in place, still no news on a long term fix though.

#26 fix

Hope they fix it ASAP. We can put a man in on the moon and send probes to planets. This should be easy. I also do not have anyissues with WG. Bella the cat likes to hear it first thing in the morning to see whether I need to turn on the ACU.

#27 Latest

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Hi Everybody,

IBM have run some tests and believe the problem is on our servers, rather than theirs.

I need to spend longer now deep diving through logs for lots of different processes that run separately to each other and try and figure out the problem.

We haven't updated our IBM server code for quite a while, so to suddenly have something breaking is very puzzling.

Looks like my weekend is taken care of ☺️