Weather Gods Night time Sounds

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Hi All,

We are in the process of re-working the Weather Gods sounds, adding more etc etc. We also hope to have a separate high quality downloadable set as well (from the App Store).

We are looking for help with the night time sounds. In particular any ideas that might indicate a night sound ... for example we've thought about the occasional hoot from an owl and we already have our starry wind chimes.

Anyone got any more please?


#1 Sound

For Summer what about crickets?

#2 Sound

For a full moon a wolf howling

#3 Summer sound

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Like it! thanks Holger.

#4 Full moon

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Wolf howling for the full moon - nice !

#5 morning

Hi Scott!
Cannot wait to see what this becomes! I have an idea for a sound. You could use it for a nice day or nice morning. We feed birds and other assorted creatures at my house. I'm not a morning person, but when I wake up to the sounds of my birds chirping, especially some of my more vocal ones, it makes me smile and laugh. Hope this helps.

#6 Some Weather Sounds

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Hi Scott. How about the wind chime for when its a gentle breeze the starry skies thing for clear night. Its a tough one but i'm sure there will be a few suggestions. I'm loving testing this app and its working superb so far. Cheers Scott.

#7 How about intermittant rain sounds

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Hi Scott.

I think I mentioned this one off forum before but an intermittaant rain sound rain then pause then rain etc. That would do for showers.

I love the idea of a howling wolf for the full moon and crickets could be a night time sound too.


#8 Weather Sounds

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Thanks Dawn and Snowy - we've got bird sounds and are re-working all the wind sounds as well :)

Night sounds are a bit more of a challenge!

#9 How about intermittant rain sounds

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Hi Snowy,

Rain sounds are all being re-worked as well to take into account stuff like showers :)

Agreed, I'm liking the howling wolf and the crickets :)

#10 I like the owl

I like the owl sound for any non-stormy night. Stormy nights can use the rain sounds.

#11 I like the owl

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Thanks Jeff,

Stormy night will be using the rain sounds, but how to hear the difference between stormy day and stormy night?

#12 Good ideas and I have one more

You know, hearing owls and howling wolf, sorry blues fans, all sounds great but, how about a far field soundings of a freight train whistle? These days, I guess it’s more like a siren or horn right? I always hear them late at night outside my bedroom window! Forget the feral cats though I don’t think that’s appropriate, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Keep up the great work dudes and dodebts cheers… Rocker

#13 Stormy day and Stormy night

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Hi How about if its day for the storm you get either a bird sound or traffic sound in background and night could be storm sound with crickets or something. That's a tricky one.


#14 Stormy night and stormy day

Two things:
1. Are you planning to implement the future sounds as stereo? Currently the ambient sounds are in mono. Just curious, why such a decision?
2. For differentiating night time and day time sounds, maybe include a cry of bird in the daytime storm?

#15 Sounds

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Thanks Rocker and Snowy, have added those to the list

#16 Stormy night and stormy day

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Thanks Jakob, I like the idea of a different bird cry during the day.

We are hoping to have stereo as a separate download.

The plan is:

1. Initial install of the app; mono and medium quality
2. Optional download from the App Store; stereo and high quality

#17 Count me in! ;) Thanks for a

Count me in! ;) Thanks for a quick reply.

#18 Another idea for sound

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It would be a little more work, but I love the idea of having these sounds downloadable and then being able to mix them together to form a sleeping or other ambient sound that you could airplay to speakers. In mono, they are already great sounds. I imagine in stereo a little wind blowing with the chimes you currently use for a clear evening would be incredible to sleep to!

#19 I highly suggest My Noise for

I highly suggest My Noise for that. Absolutely best ambient sounds app out there.

#20 Weather Sounds Thoughts

I'd like to hear the night sounds change as the night goes on. At present, even after the sunrise sound has ended, but while the sun is still rising, we hear the same night sound as what we'd hear at midnight. Perhaps the sounds could change as day draws near: crickets chirp softer and slower, etc. And what about buzzing insects for an afternoon sound? This is fun!

#21 Weather Sounds Thoughts

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Thanks for the suggestions Peggy, I like the idea of the changing sounds :) We are trying to build the soundscape up using small layers this time so it may be possible to do something like this.