Weather Gods Bot

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Hi All,

Weather Gods now has a weather bot on Facebook messenger. He is currently undergoing training so there will be some teething troubles.

I'm hoping the AppleVis community would be kind enough to take him for a test drive ?

To access the bot:

- Load up Messenger
- Find Weather Gods using search
- Ask away ... you can say stuff like "weather for new york tomorrow?", "will it rain on friday in LA", "do I need an umbrella for chicago today" and many other things :)
- Please like our page - it helps with the rankings on Facebook and hopefully helps users find the Weather Gods app.

I'm looking for some feedback in terms of ease of use, usability etc

Also, the more you ask the more it can learn and be trained.

If all goes well then we will launch on Alexa as well - if people use that platform?

Mods, I apologies if the topic is not appropriate, please feel free to delete or move!



I'd love an Alexa skill!

I'll have to find your bot and test him! I have the app and love it! I'm unsure about other people on here, but I use and love an Amaznn Echo! I think it'd be nice to see an Amazon Alexa skill! I can tell you for sure that I will enable it! Thank you for sharing this!

Weather Dogs.

JJust tried it out works perfectly well for me. Excellent app too! Thanks.


Alexa and Ciri

I second the suggestion for a Weather Gods skill for Amazon Alexa. Also, I'd like to see those same verbal commands you mentioned above to be enabled by Ciri. I understand there's a Ciri API now.

I don't use Facebook Messenger, so I can't take advantage of or help with this bot.

Alexa and Siri

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Hi Jeff,

I will definitely be making an Alexa skill in the near future. Unfortunately, Siri is not available to developers for weather commands. Hoping one day Apple will open it up.