Your tips for fitness and equestrian tracking apps?

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Hey everyone.

So with my new Watch SE set up and ready to go, I was wondering about something.

I would like to track my training goals in the gym and when i am on horseback so I was wondering if you have any app recomendations apart from the standard ones?

My gym activitys usually are about 10 to 15 minutes on an indoor bike to warm up, then training different muscle groups for about an hour and if I have the time, 20 or 30 more minutes on the bike, stepper, treadmill or what ever cardio device is available.

Regarding horse riding, I would love to track my lessons and the travels out in the forests or nearby countryside, including stats on what gates the horse went and at which speed and for how long.

Any hints on accessible watch apps you guys have?

Greetings Moritz.


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